What is watercolor+?

Watercolor-related mediums are included on this page:

Traditional watercolor is a primarily translucent medium, a colored pigment in a water-soluble binder. Water carries the pigment across the paper — and the management of that process is key to handling the medium well.

Watercolor pencils are the same pigments but in a pencil format – draw, then add water with a brush to melt it into paint!

Gouache is opaque watercolor; it re-wets like watercolor but is  thicker and creamier, and offers a vast array of techniques because of its properties. We have a new Gouache Jumpstart class for those who are intrigued!

Water-based markers are any pen-style marker that can have water applied to it to melt it into paintable pigment.

Top tips for new painters

If you’re just embarking on your watercolor journey, prepare for fun! It’s a challenging medium but with a little help getting started, you’ll be fine.

Learn the terminology

There are  plenty of terms you’ll see thrown around on YouTube, blogs, and social media. And you can download this handy reference to help you navigate it all!

Don't buy ALL the colors

Purchasing all the colors is far more expensive than buying a simple set of primaries and learning to mix. You can add treats later, but a mixing set is best to begin.

Get quality supplies

A basic set of watercolors, a few decent brushes, and good paper will carry you a long way; don’t feel you’re not “worthy” for them yet! Good technique happens more easily on good paper.

Take your time

The biggest mistake I see is people biting off more than they’re ready for—don’t worry, you’ll get to that portrait or architectural scene! The Jumpstart courses here are made for newbies, and will walk you through the basics to prepare your journey.


Jumpstart courses are technique- and basics-heavy, and set the stage for your journey. Each includes studies of color theory, followed by techniques to get you started creating art!

For those who’ve got some technique basics but are just not happy with your paintings, often it’s the underlying drawing skills that need to be addressed.  courses in drawing teach the foundations of art that help speed growth in all mediums.  


Watercolor Jumpstart
Gouache Jumpstart
Watercolor Pencil Jumpstart
Stamped Watercolor Jumpstart

What I love about watercolor is that a lot of happy accidents occur.

– Jane Seymour

Traditional Watercolor courses

Beyond Level one is where the fun really begins! Find a level and a subject that appeals to you, and let’s get painting!

Exploring Watercolor: Fruit
Branching Out in Watercolor
Green Thumb Watercolor Sketches
Brushstroke Flowers: Asian-inspired cards
One Rose Four Ways
Fresh Florals Watercolor Class
Simply Christmas
Christmas Berries
Watercolor Butterflies

Watercolor Skies

Galactic Watercolor
Blue Skies (Watercolor)

Watercolor ANIMALS

Canine Companions I: Watercolor Dog Portraits
Canine Companions II: Watercolor Dog Portraits
Watercolor Animals for Bible Journaling
Arctic Bear Watercolor
One Fish, Two Fish: Negative Painting

Watercolor SCENES

Underwater Scenes (Watercolor)
Rainy Days (Watercolor)

AdvAnced Watercolor SCENES

Landscape Foundations: Watercolor Trees I
Landscape Foundations: Watercolor Trees II
Landscape Foundations: Watercolor Rocks and Ripples

If you’re wondering if you’re at a Level 4 or not, try a “single” – these are lessons within the above foundations courses. If you try one and like it, purchase the full course , then email me, and I’ll refund the single!

Watercolor WINTER

Simply Christmas
Christmas Berries
Watercolor Bookmarks: Winter
30 Days to More Confident Watercolor Sketching

Created especially for those who want to speed up the pace of growth: take on a 30 day challenge!

Anything you do for 30 days straight has no choice but make you more confident. There’s a difference between confidence and competence—but often just getting in those brush miles can truly make a world of difference in moving you forward!

Note that you do not need to do this class within 30 days. But it’s highly recommended to keep at it. A little time every day!


Stamped Watercolor Jumpstart
Stamped Watercolor Scenes
Pattern Stamping: Unique Stamped Watercolor Techniques
Brushstroke Flowers: Asian-inspired cards
Watercolor Favorite Things Holiday Cards
All Season Watercolor Cards
Watercolor Backgrounds for Cardmakers

Gouache courses

Gouache Jumpstart
Gouache Favorite Things Holiday Cards

Watercolor Pencil & Marker courses

Watercolor Pencil Jumpstart
Autumn Scenes (Colored Pencil)
Songbirds: Watercolor Pencil
Sunrise, Sunset: Drawing Epic Skies
Travel Sketches II: Global Gardens (ink + inktense pencil)
Travel Sketches I: National Parks (ink + water-based marker)

Wash and Ink courses

Wash & Ink
PowellsWood Sketches: Ink and Wash
Market Street Sketches: Ink and Wash
Spooky Mansion: Wash & Ink
Travel Sketches II: Global Gardens (ink + inktense pencil)
Travel Sketches I: National Parks (ink + water-based marker)

You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.

– Jack London

Stay tuned for more watercolour+ courses

A few courses are added in each medium each year – if you have particular suggestions, feel free to email them in – and be sure to subscribe to the monthly-ish newsletter so you’re the first to hear when there’s an exciting new course to sign up for!