One Fish, Two Fish: Negative Painting


In this advanced watercolor course, taught in real-time, you’ll work through two paintings suitable for framing!


Taught in real-time videos, each pass of the process is broken into a separate video with drying time between. The main teaching is about negative painting – painting the spaces between objects rather than the objects themselves.

Creating edges will also be a big focus in this course; learning to blend soft edges and vary with hard edges creates great variance in watercolor paintings.

  • Advanced Level
  • Lessons taught in real-speed video instruction
  • Subject matter: fish
  • Supplies are found in the free preview lesson
  • Language: English

Preview of the course:

The lessons can be viewed anytime and at your leisure; you can watch again and again for years to come:

  • FREE Pre-class Lesson with supply list
  • One Fish painting (37 min)
  • Two Fish painting (44 min)

View the free preclass lesson.


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