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Watercolor Jumpstart class is an excellent start to a watercolor journey – or a supplement to one already begun!

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Watercolor Jumpstart class is an excellent start to a watercolor journey – or a supplement to one already begun!

Class is conducted within a sketchbook —much less intimidating than a giant blank sheet of paper. The lessons were designed to fill the sketchbook in a way that makes sense and will create a book with information that can be kept on-hand in a small format for years to come. Students will make their own sketchbook from a 22″ x 30″ sheet of watercolor paper, with instructions provided in the free PreClass lesson.

  • Introductory Level
  • 3 hours of video instruction
  • Supplies are found in the free preview lesson
  • Language: English

See the video preview of class below, or click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube.

The lessons can be viewed anytime and at your leisure; there are hours of instruction that you can watch again and again for years to come:

Lecture1.1 FREE Pre-class Lesson with supply list (27 min of video content)
Lecture1.2 Color Theory (55 min)
Lecture1.3 Color Mixing  (25 min)
Lecture1.4 Water Management  (38 min)
Lecture1.5 Making Marks (x min)
Lecture1.6 Spraying (x min)
Lecture1.7 Negative painting (x min)
Lecture1.8 Edges (x min)
Lecture1.9 Natural Colors (x min)
Lecture1.10 Winter landscape (x min)
Lecture1.11 Mountain landscape (x min)

View the free Preclass lesson.

3 reviews for Watercolor Jumpstart

  1. This is a great course for an individual wanting to learn watercolor. Sandy’s videos are very detailed and she gives a through explanation of what she is doing so you can grow your own skills as you follow along. The course really does touch on all different aspects of watercolor from color theory to water management and more. I highly recommend the course.

  2. This is an excellent class! It was just what I needed – I am pretty much a beginner and have found myself over my head in several workshops and classes. This class walked me through the information I needed to begin to really GET watercolor. Sandy’s upbeat presentations and down to earth perspective was exactly what I needed.
    I love that I can go back and review topics whenever I need to. Perfect.
    Thank you, Sandy!

  3. This course is fundamental in teaching watercolor. The skills and color theory is taught in a structured and well ordered sequence. Sandy’s teaching style ensures students are encouraged to engage in the learning process and her teaching ensures students are successful over time and practice. The content is set up so students can review and retake challenging skills at their own pace. I love how Sandy relates to her own artistic journey which encourages me to keep trying and challenging myself through art.

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