“I wasn’t born with that drawing gene.”

Most artists were not born with a silver pencil in their hand. Years of practice built up their skills, and practice can do so for you, too. As children, we weren’t inhibited – we just picked up a pencil! If that freedom has disappeared and you’re self-conscious about your drawing skills, have no fear. You can learn!

This course challenges and stretches beginning drawing skills. Sandy’s teaching style is encouraging and equipping, her clear examples and directions help me to be successful even when I do not believe I can complete a lesson. Sandy takes her students through a logical sequence of skill building and encourages practice. I found the content quite challenging because I was told that I did not have drawing skills, however having taken several of Sandy’s courses I trusted her to teach me and I am so glad that I did.
Sheri W

All artists are willing to suffer for their work. But why are so few prepared to learn to draw?

Banksy, artist

Get started drawing

Brand new? Grab a pencil and a sketchbook and just. get. started. Nothing will grow your skills in other mediums as much as getting a solid foundation under you will! Either of these courses will help, and you can take them in either order:

Drawing 101 Jumpstart: Form, Depth, Volume

You’ll feel like you’re in art school in this course, learning shading, perspective and more. 


30 Days to more confident sketching

Daily prompts will help you make a habit of sketching—and you’ll see progress through the 30 days!



Start a secret sketchbook. Make a commitment to draw in it daily. Draw everything. All the time. A few minutes a day is enough; it’s about getting in those pencil miles.

The one rule: no one else will ever see it. It’s just for you to experiment. What might you try if you could do so privately?

Let the sketchbook be messy, let yourself make mistakes. But just keep drawing!

If the #2 pencil is the most popular, why isn’t it #1? 

Learn to draw safari animals — and save them at the same time

Each year, a portion of the class fee from the Safari Animals class is donated to help protect African animals and their habitat. If posting your work, be sure to tell people you’re protecting our planet!

Safari Animals

Get out a toned sketchbook and some conte crayons (chalk like pencils) and draw five species you might see on safari.


We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us. The sooner we get them out the better.

Walt Stanchfield

Shading and shadows

When the rains start to fall and the leaves tumble to the ground, it’s a great time to nestle in to make some art. Create some beautiful seasonal works in these courses!

Convincing Shadows

Learn basic shading for subjects that are kept simple – breaking down each into its component shapes, then looking at how light is cast on each shape.


Casting shadows

Understand the shadows cast on the ground, based on where the light source is at – it’ll revolutionize your shading no matter your medium.


Ink Sketching & Doodling

Drawing in pen and ink is less forgiving than erasable pencil – but can be just as much fun or more.

Ink sketching techniques

Learn a variety of pen strokes that can turn into buildings, trees, paths, and more as you create one drawing across an accordion sketchbook!


Wash & Ink Mini Class

Splash on some watercolor, then add ink lines – fun and loose!


Travel Sketching

Fill a sketchbook with national park drawings – inspiration to do the same with your vacation pics!


Spooky Mansion Wash & Ink

Create a building in perspective from a photo – first in watercolor, then add the great line work.


Copic Art Journaling

Even alcohol markers work with art journaling! Try this course for art inspiration and relaxation.



Fill a sketchbook with color in several mediums – and draw with pen on top of what you’ve created.


Market Street Sketches

Go for a walk on Market Street and create detailed buildings – learn to draw bricks, windows, dormers and doors, then watercolor them in a realistic way. All from provided templates that you can customize!


PowellsWood Sketches

Visit a suburban garden and learn to sketch flowers, plants, and even a creek with a waterfall! This Level 2 class (no prerequisite req’d) will teach you the basics of simple color mixing, brushstrokes, and line work with a pen. 


Whimsical Sketching

Whimsical Sketching Jumpstart

Draw some fun and relaxing pictures with simple black pens – you’ll be suprised how easy these lessons are!


Whimsical Patterns

Create beautiful patterns in gel pens on black paper for a class filled with inspiring repeat doodles!


More drawing courses?

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