“I wasn’t born with that drawing gene.”

Most artists were not born with a silver pencil in their hand. Years of practice built up their skills, and practice can do so for you, too. As children, we weren’t inhibited – we just picked up a pencil! If that freedom has disappeared and you’re self-conscious about your drawing skills, have no fear. You can learn!

We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us.
The sooner we get them out the better.

Walt Stanchfield

New to drawing? Scared?

Too many people are afraid of drawing; that blank sheet of paper can feel scary! But not to worry. I have a few ideas to get you excited about it…

1. Try different styles

Some are inspired with a pencil at the ready. Others get excited by a nice fountain pen. Or a ballpoint. Try them all out and see what is your own favorite.

2. Create a "secret" sketchbook

To free yourself from worry of critique, start a sketchbook with a few promises: no one will see it, you’ll draw daily from life (things around you), and a half-finished sketch is fine!

3. Learn in community

Invite a friend to take a class alongside you. Whether in person or remotely, having someone else to share your learnings with and to cheer you on helps. Meet up with a drawing buddy at Artventure!

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Newest Drawing & Doodling Classes

Drawing Better Plants

Learn techniques to render texture, value, and shape of a wide variety of plants in a landscape.

Travel Sketches II

Create a sketchbook to fill with gardens from around the world! Sketch in pen and ink, then add color with Inktense or other watercolor pencils.

Tiny Tutorials

With over 150 pictorials tutorials available, this course is an essential for those needing quick inspiration, info about a medium, or ideas to try out!

Fresh Brew

For alcohol marker artists, this course teaches the basics of drawing 3 coffee cups and rendering the shadows, highlights, reflections, and shadows of ceramic objects!

Powellswood Sketches

Visit a local garden to sketch springtime plants in a quick and simple style with pen and ink and watercolor! 

Getting Started

To begin learning to draw here at art-classes, I recommend one or the other of these options—while two are Level 2, they can be taken in any order or skipped if not necessary.

Drawing Jumpstart 101

This art-school style course covers the basics of form (shape), depth (perspective), and volume. Some find this to be brain-work and not “fun,” but a great advancement in their drawing!

30 Days to More Confident Sketching

Focusing on a daily habit of sketching, students will pick up a pencil and draw a variety of subjects over an extended time, building confidence.

Convincing Shadows

Intended for colorists working on pre-drawn images, this class teaches the basics of light and shadow to crafters in a simple, straightforward way. Plus it’s a lot of fun!


Casting shadows
Drawing better plants


Safari Animals
Pencil Pups I
Pencil Pups II

All artists are willing to suffer for their work. But why are so few prepared to learn to draw?

Banksy, artist

PEN and Ink courses

Ink sketching techniques
Whimsical Sketching Jumpstart
Whimsical Patterns

Wash and Ink courses

Wash & Ink
PowellsWood Sketches: Ink and Wash
Market Street Sketches: Ink and Wash
Spooky Mansion: Wash & Ink
Travel Sketches II: Global Gardens (ink + inktense pencil)
Travel Sketches I: National Parks (ink + water-based marker)

Marker and Ink courses

Copic Art Journaling

Just for little kids!

KIDS: Drawing dogs and cats
Kids: Creative Self Portraits

More drawing courses?

Check the medium of your choice in the menu bar – some courses there are drawing classes disguised as coloring! Be sure to subscribe to our monthly-ish newsletter so you’re the first to hear when there’s an exciting new course to sign up for!