Ink Sketching Techniques

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In this intermediate sketching class, you’ll learn techniques for creating textures and depth, along with ideas to draw scenes with contrast and visual power!

In this intermediate sketching class, you'll learn techniques for creating textures and depth, along with ideas to draw scenes with contrast and visual power! This class is at the intermediate level - which means having some experience drawing, though need not be with pen and ink; and some confidence in your ability and willingness to try new things!

  • Intermediate, Level 4
  • 2 hours of instructional videos
  • Draw along with 5 additional hours of video in real-time (no sound)
  • Supplies are found in the free preview lesson
  • Language: English

View the preview of the project in this video - then join class now, gather up your supplies, and let's start inking!

Length of each lesson:

  • Preclass Lesson (13 mmin instruction)
  • Lesson one (9 min instruction, 15 min realtime)
  • Lesson two (12 min instruction, 25 min realtime)
  • Lesson three (8 min instruction, 37 min realtime)
  • Lesson four (9 min instruction, 20 min realtime)
  • Lesson five (10 min instruction, 33 min realtime)
  • Lesson six (8 min instruction, 25 min realtime)
  • Lesson seven (9 min instruction, 25 min realtime)
  • Lesson eight (6 min instruction, 23 min realtime)
  • Lesson nine (8 min instruction, 30 min realtime)
  • Lesson ten (16 min instruction, 44 min realtime)

Visit free Preclass lesson with supplies.

4 reviews for Ink Sketching Techniques

  1. ftkarens

    I seriously thought I was over my head when I purchased this class, but Sandy breaks all the bits and pieces down to manageable bites. One more panel to go, and cannot wait to make another one and add some watercolor to the finished panels.
    My sun ( light source) rose and fell in one panel 🤣, but end result is okay – part of the learning process!
    This class is brilliant and I hope Sandy comes up with a part II somewhere down the road.
    As an aside, I showed my almost finished book to my retired naval architect brother and he asked how I copied this onto an accordion book. Made my day!

  2. Chantal_P36

    An epic adventure in ink!
    I was scared to put pen to paper and ruine this lovely book… but Sandy guides you step by step, panel by panel into a world out of your own imagination!
    Once it is done you will look back in wonderment that you actually created such a artfully piece!
    She also explains how to plan it so you can recreate this in a different theme, with different color ink, who knows just follow the road…

  3. sabinedikoff

    This class was so much fun! I wanted to learn ink drawing and was searching for a class with a finished project at the end and without the dry technique parts. Sandy shows the different types of strokes and techniques from the first page and you learn with every new page more and more techniques and how you could use them to build light and shadow and all forms you ever want! I lost my fear for ink drawing and loves to draw now free out of my mind with the knowledge from this class.

  4. Sherry Woods

    What an amazing class! Sandy takes you step by step to create an epic scene in pen and ink. She even walks you through how to make your own inexpensive accordion sketchbook, if you are interested. Each lesson creates a panel of the scene. The shapes and forms are easy to draw and you are shown techniques to bring them to life. By the end of the class you will have created a piece of artwork that is sure to impress everyone, including yourself. I highly recommend this class!

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