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If you were affected by the internet bloop – so sorry! Thank you for your patience. We’ll be doing some overhauls here soon to make sure that never happens again…but for now – you have my own redo of the homepage. So you’ll know why I hire that skill out! And if you missed the fun and games….no worries. Classes are all still here and okeydokey!

Whether you want to just get started, or you’re ready to move forward in your journey in art, I want to congratulate you! Being teachable is the best first step. Tied with willingness to practice, that is!

Poke around using the menu at the top of the page and see what classes might be up your alley – mediums, proficiency levels, styles. I hope you’ll find something that will inspire you!

-Sandy Allnock, Instructor

PS Read more about my teaching philosophy.

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