Welcome to Art-Classes.com! I’m Sandy Allnock – the instructor, site administrator, and a whole lot more around here. Thanks for popping in – and wondering about which classes might suit you!

  • Arriving at this site midway in your journey? It’s entirely ok to skip levels or jump in higher than you think you’re ready for – if you find it’s over your head, you can always sign up for an earlier level class and work your way back up. Just email if you feel you’re drowning and I can exchange it for something lower.
  • Try a Level 1 “Jumpstart” class to review basics; even intermediate or advanced students have found that being self-taught has left gaps in their foundations, and a Level 1 course can clear those up quickly.

A note about crafters “vs” fine artists

Even typing “vs” was hard for me. I totally believe ALL creators are artists, whether your final outcome is framed or mailed! I have tried to create classes that can apply to ALL artists.

As you’ll see in the list below, there is ONE diversion: at Level 4, there are both crafter-friendly scene classes, and also Landscape Foundations for watercolorists desiring to paint larger. There are no crafty classes at Level 5, though the learnings in those can be created small-format and used for craft projects.

There are a few courses from the very early days in which I had the coloring of stamps as part of the class – but quickly realized those would indeed go out of production, and moved toward either having printables, or teaching easy images anyone can draw.

Tap on any image to see all classes available at that level.

The best way to find a course you’d like would be to choose a medium – either from the homepage (graphic links to each category are lower on the page) or using the sometimes-awkward dropdown menu for mediums. I’m working on revamps to this site and will be getting that cleared up for sure.

Thanks for popping by!