Course Levels

Wondering where you fit in? This page will help you out. Just know that we don’t “enforce” any suggested prerequisites — jump in where you feel comfortable starting!

The big picture:

Getting started on your art path

Try a Level 1 “Jumpstart” class to review basics; even intermediate or advanced students have found that being self-taught has left gaps in their foundations, and a Level 1 course can clear those up quickly. 

Midway in your journey

Level 2-4 classes help grow you past that beginner stage and build up your confidence level! Mini classes are short and have fewer lessons but others are longer and more indepth to keep you growing in your art.

Taking new advanced steps

Level 4 and 5 classes might be right up your alley, and could help spur on your continuing journey in art! Those are beginning to be created on this website, so be sure to subscribe to the email list to be notified of new courses.

Crafters vs fine artists

I totally believe that ALL creators are artists, whether the final outcome is framed, stashed in a sketchbook, or mailed! I have tried to create classes that can apply to ALL artists, with techniques you can apply well beyond the class itself.

Art course levels

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Experience with the medium:


No prior experience required

Drawing skills students need:

Little or none

Drawings provided or use your stamps

Content taught in Level 1 classes:


Color theory, simple shading, techniques

Experience with the medium:


Foundations, a little experience

Drawing skills students need:


Sketches provided or simple drawings taught

Content taught in Level 2 classes:


Various applications of the medium

Experience with the medium:


Prior experience required + foundations

Drawing skills students need:

Some basics

Drawing simple scene elements

Content taught in Level 3 mini classes:

5 lessons

Simple scenes, drawn images, or techniques

There are two types of Level 4 courses, and they’ll be obvious: non-watercolor media, and Landscape Foundations. The latter are preparatory before moving to Level 5 classes.

Experience with the medium:


If you successfully took mini classes, you’re ready

Drawing skills students need:


Some classes have sketches, some don’t

Content taught in Level 4 classes:

Scenes or images

Variety of lessons on targeted topics

Experience with the medium:


Comfort making larger paintings 

Drawing skills students need:


No sketches provided; working from photos

Content taught in Level 4 classes:

5 large paintings

Lessons exploring an aspect of landscapes

Experience with the medium:


Comfort in creating larger frame-able artworks

Drawing skills students need:


No sketches provided, working from photos or videos

Content taught in Level 5 classes:

5-10 pieces

Lessons on a topical theme