I’m Sandy. And I’ve got a sale for you.

I’m the owner/teacher/tech guru around here who breaks things.

Honestly, sometimes I do break things, but occasionally I get them right. And I think this page is full of spring awesomeness!

It’s March, which means I’m turning my brain toward the warmer days ahead – I’ve had too much of the cold and snow!

Each month I put some of the “eating your peas” classes here, just because learning the foundations is easier on sale. And some seasonal themed classes. Maybe a few “stretch” classes that’ll encourage you to reach for that brass ring.

And smetimes I’ll pair a class on sale with a YouTube video that has a related topic or technique.

In any case, check in here periodically and see what’s up. No obligation to sign up, just see if something gets your mojo to return!


The newest courses

When any class is brand new – it’s on sale for a few weeks!

Copic coloring: The Human RAinbow

Celebrate the diversity of the human race in this alcohol marker class. Fee includes the printable images – a $30 value!


Sunrise Sunset in colored pencil and watercolor pencil

Learn to create gorgeous sunsets and sunrsises in either colored pencil or watercolor pencil – or both!


Throughout March

Make your own sale!

Use coupon code JUMP when purchasing any Jumpstart class and receive a $2 discount on each one!

Eat your veggies

I’m always promoting the learning of the foundations of art – once you master the basics, every medium becomes easier! Here’s a few suggestions that are on sale right now – but any courses in drawing will also teach the foundations of art that help with all mediums.

Ink Sketching Techniques

Learn some intricate techniques to draw an epic scene in an accordion book. The scene includes natural and manmade elements!


Whimsical Patterns

Relax with pattern-drawing on black paper – use gel pens of any kind to create intricate designs as shown or learn to create your very own alternatives!


Convincing Shadows: 10 ways to make your art more realistic

Learn where highlights and shadows belong – the learning applies to all mediums.


Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen,
and thinking what no one else has thought.

– Albert Einstein

Ring in spring with flowers

Make something lovely to welcome Mother Nature’s new season ahead!

Realistic Flowers – Colored pencil

Learn to color beautiful digital images of flowers – which are included in the class fee!


Realistic Flowers – Alcohol marker

Try out a different set of flowers in the alcohol marker course – all beautiful!


FREE! Sunflower to print and color

Add this pretty little flower to your cart – and try out coloring it for free today! 


Copic wildflowers I

In this exciting “Look ma, no stamps!” class, begin with blank paper and turn it into your own wildflower card design! (PS Yes you CAN do this.)


Copic wildflowers II

Not enough flowers in the first class? Time for another! Let’s create another set of five beautiful wildflower cards and save buying stamps to do it!


Take on a challenge

Perhaps you’re ready to step up to a new level….there are classes to help you notch things up a bit!

Landscape Foundations: Watercolor Trees I

Learn to paint trees – one at a time. It’s a better way to understand a single tree well, before adding more trees, mountains, rocks….and will set you up for future success.


Casting Shadows

Wondering where shadows lie on the ground under subjects? This comprehensive study will show you WHY shadows land where they do!


Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.

Bruce Garrabrandt

Let it rain

We won’t have the spring flowers without the accompanying showers!

Rainy Days (WC)

Learn how to paint rainy scenes in watercolor with beautiful techniques that can enhance stamps or stand alone on the front of a card.


Rainy Days (ALCOHOl marker)

Get out your alcohol markers on a rainy day and bring that weather into your studio! Well not literally, but make some cards to tell someone you miss them, at least!


Rainy Days (Pencil)

Colored pencil can create rainy scenes worthy of your most darling stamps. Make someone’s day by coloring a card with a background handcrafted by you.


Stay tuned for more courses on sale

This page changes out periodically…be sure to check back in!