What’s an alcohol marker?

Alcohol markers contain dye-based alcohol ink that blends smoothly. They’re waterproof, transparent, and they layer wonderfully. 

The inks blend within the fibers of the paper, which makes them bleed through, too. Seeping to the back of paper means you’re doing it right!

Most good brands are refillable and nibs may be replaceable. Alcohol ink is not fully lightfast (so it will fade eventually in light).

Alcohol markers are used by artists for: 

  • Crafts
  • Illustration
  • Animé/Manga
  • Cartoons
  • Lettering

How many artists did it take to refill a marker? One to hold the marker, and 3 to fight over how much ink to put in.

Get started with alcohol markers

Brand new? Choose just a few colors to start with. A light, medium, and dark to blend with. You don’t need all the colors, so choose something you’d like to color: Flowers?  Pinks, yellows and greens. Animals? Greys and browns. Download a free recommendation chart.

You might consider getting a hex chart for your brand first, which comes with a colored chart so you can use that to help purchase markers!

Copic Hex Chart


Sketchmarker Hex Chart


Olo Marker Hex Chart


Copic Jumpstart Class

Get started on your alcohol marker journey for your chosen brand of marker.

This popular starter class teaches the basics of color theory, glazing, blending, shading, and more. Advanced students have found tricks and tips they hadn’t known before, too!


Foundations: Eating our veggies

This group of courses are technique-heavy, and can really help with “scene” classes and anything realistic. Any courses in drawing teach the foundations of art that help speed growth in all mediums.

Convincing shadows

Taught in graphite pencil, this course is a great base to learn about highlights and shadows for any medium.


Fresh Brew 

Study photos of coffee cups and learn to see the shapes of shadows and highlights, compare values, and so much more.


Color and line

Taught in several mediums, complete this course with the use of alcohol or other markers and a pen to add drawn details and designs.


Art Journaling

Learn a variety of techniques with alcohol markers while filling pages in an art journal – it’ll be encouraging to both heart and art!



Fill a page with freehanded techniques for textures and elements that can be used for many of your drawings in the future,


Color studies


Support those undergoing recovery from natural disaster! 100% of funds will be donated to the currently-most-urgent situation each week. Please feel free to color yours and share with your friends online so they can join this effort to support communities who need us! A percentage of profits benefits World Central Kitchen.



In this color course, learn all about ways to use the Hex Charts for alcohol markers or colored pencils to choose the right colors! Includes discussion of color theory as we examine photos and learn terminology like hue, value, saturation, temperature, and more.


You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.

– Jack London

Got some experience?

Jump in wherever you feel you can handle the content! Tap on the hexagon to find out some general guidelines to decide which of the 5 levels is best for  you.

Classes are grouped below by themes... Choose something that inspires you and get started today!

Specialty topics

A few topics you might find especially interesting – using your markers to create truly unique pieces!

Clearly copic: coloring glass

Ten glassy images are taught in this advanced course. Alcohol markers can create beautiful realism and excellent edges for highlights and shadows on glass.


Blueprints I

Learn to draw interior scenes in perspective – with the help of “blueprints” – guidelines to follow to get the angles and locations of furniture correct.


Magical Rainforest

Learn to draw magical, imaginary rainforests with alcohol markers! Tackle negative drawing, building up layers of color to indicate depth, and so much more.


Human rainbow I

Practice skintones, hair, and clothing in this course that provides drawings to color in. Learn various ethicities, hair styles, and more.


Human Rainbow II

Learn to create realistic people using six digital images provided in class – tackling ethnicities, hair styles, skin tones, blending, and much more.


Creative Holiday Tags

Taught in several mediums – including no coloring at all – there are 60 tutorials that can also be made into birthday or other gift tags for year round use!


Drawing on Nature: Animals and Fur (Complete course)

Use markers with pencil to create beautiful baby animal drawings – full course for all 10 or choose your adventure with just the ones you’d like to learn.

Beautiful skies all year long

Do you ever look up at the sky and wonder….how would I draw that cloud? Well, you’re covered!

Blue Skies

Learn to sketch a variety of daytime cloudy formations that can work on all your projects!


Star light star bright

Nighttime skies can work beautifully for many projects – especially Christmas!


Brighten the day with flowers

Flowers are always a popular subject – and there are plenty of courses with either printed images to color – or just drawing with markers on blank paper. Look ma, no guidelines! 


Learn to shade five flowers in detail – in a class that includes the digital images, a $25 value!



Learn to draw wildlflowers using alcohol markers – no stamps involved at all!



In the second wildflowers class, study more wildflowers to use in all your art projects.



Recreate tulips from real ones – learning how to adapt and make them look alive!



Study one rose in four mediums – pencil, colored pencil, alcohol marker, and watercolor.



Taje on intricate scenes with gardens and forests and sparkling, glittery magic. 


Make it a “Hot Marker Summer”

Tbe techniques in these courses can be adapted to work with your own vacation photos once you master the techniques…give them a try!

Storybook Scenes

Drawn in an illustrative, simple style, these scenes are perfect for projects that need a clean, simple style.


Island Time

Learn to draw scenes that’ll make you wish you were in a remote vacation spot.


Storybook camping Scenes

Go “virtual” camping with these fun scenes – and try a setting from your vacation photos too!



Create underwater scenes to give your fish art a fun setting to swim in!


Autumn leaves and rainy days

When the rains start to fall and the leaves tumble to the ground, it’s a great time to nestle in to make some art. Create some beautiful seasonal works in these courses!

Autumn Scenes

Create spectacular trees full of color in this mini class – and consider trying these in greens!



Learn techniques to use alcohol markers on toned paper to create lovely leaves.


Rainy Days

Discover wonderful techniques to create falling rain, dripping rain, bouncing rain and more.


Wintry courses

A favorite time for many artists to hunker down in the studio is winter – either preparing holiday cards and gifts, or just spending time staying warm inside. 

City Sidewalks

Learn to create scenes found in cities and towns while shoppers stroll in the snow.


Winter Wonderland

Put on the boots and head outside with these lovely outdoor snow scenes.


Holiday Interiors

Cozy up by the fire to sketch interior scenes, trees, and fireplaces and keep warm!


Winter Enchantment

A sister to the other “enchanting” class, create ten scenes perfect for wintry art. Trees, snow, branches, caves and much more.


Winter Storybook Scenes

This entry in the “storybook” series teaches students to use simple shapes to create graphic-style drawings filled with winter magic.


Polar Bear Printable with free class

This entry in the “storybook” series teaches students to use simple shapes to create graphic-style drawings filled with winter magic.

Stay tuned for more alcohol marker courses

Several courses are added in each medium each year – if you have particular suggestions, feel free to email them – and be sure to subscribe to our monthly-ish newsletter so you’re the first to hear when there’s an exciting new course to sign up for!