Alcohol Marker Jumpstart

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Learn to understand alcohol markers, color theory, and techniques to raise your game as a colorist! Appropriate for stampers, but fine artists have also loved this class – drawing their own images to practice techniques! All brands welcome; course previously was called “Copic Jumpstart.”

Whether you’re new to alcohol markers – or have years of experience under your belt – this class will help you understand the markers: how to choose them and how to use them! Everything from basic blending techniques to shading and color theory will inspire your marker art in this class. Many downloadable handouts will help you test and practice your blending and color combinations, and you’ll use these swatch sheets for years to come.

NOTE: This course was titled "Copic Jumpstart" for years, but with the advent of many other brands, and many students successfully completing this course with the existing content, it's now "Alcohol Marker Jumpstart." Some additional content was added to address those using other brands.

While some lessons in the class are geared toward papercrafters using stamps – fine artists can also learn much by applying the techniques to drawn images as well.

Students can even take this class without owning a lot of markers! The color theory exercises will teach how to mix colors using a color wheel to create new hues. The recommended color list can be previewed in the public Pre-Class lesson, however – don’t stress. Use the colors you have and keep a list of markers you might like to add as you go!

This class will get beginners started, amp up intermediate students, and deepen an advanced student’s knowledge of alcohol markers – and this class serves as the prerequisite for future classes.

  • Introductory Level
  • Nearly 6 hours of video instruction
  • Special techniques to delight experienced colorists
  • Supplies are found in the free preview lesson
  • Language: English

The lessons can be viewed anytime and at your leisure; there are hours of instruction that you can watch again and again for years to come:

  1. FREE Pre-class Lesson with supply list (57 min of video content)
  2. Color Wheel and Glazing (49 min)
  3. Blending (30 min)
  4. Discovering new color combos (34 min)
  5. Light and Shadow Basics (26 min)
  6. Coloring Round Objects (25 min)
  7. Critters (26 min)
  8. Florals (22 min)
  9. Colorways (15 min)
  10. Skin and Hair basics (23 min)
  11. Step Out of the Box! (36 min)

So grab your markers, some paper, and let’s jumpstart your coloring skills!
View free preclass lesson.

10 reviews for Alcohol Marker Jumpstart

  1. Cha Lion

    I absolutely love this course. I finished it a couple of years ago and it’s very useful that it is a long-life course, so I can rewatch the classes and practice my Copic coloring. The course is easy to follow and understand. Highly recommended.

  2. Daphne Mealey

    What an amazing class and a wonderful teacher! I’ve been collecting Copic markers for years but never really knew how to use them till now, there’s so much more I can do with them than I ever thought, the exercises in the lessons are so helpful! Thanks for this course Sandy, looking forward to taking more of your wonderful classes!

  3. Kim Wiebelhaus

    After being gifted with a small assortment of Copic markers for Christmas two years ago, the first place I went to learn how to use them was the Copic Jumpstart class offered by Sandy. The lessons on color theory, light source and blending were incredibly helpful. This course is fantastic for beginners and helps to build your skill faster than without instruction. I would highly recommend for both beginner and intermediate skill levels.

  4. miggy

    This class was so much fun and I learned a lot. It also got me truly interested in learning more about light and shading, as it for the first time feels that I actuallly might be able to understand it. I love the shading maps, and are making my own before I color my own stamped images now, it really makes a difference. Thank you for putting this class together!

  5. Charlene Mitchell

    I am more than half way through this course and loving it! Sandy takes you through the basics but even someone with Copic experience will benefit from this class. I am picking up small tips to make things easier to do plus Sandy explains in such a simple way that I am finally ‘getting’ some things I have been struggling with (including lightsource). Thanks so much Sandy!!

  6. Cristina

    As a Copic newbie this class gave me the foundation to learn about blending colors, figuring out the lighting, and how to stretch my markers. I loved it!

  7. flynnf3

    I loved this class. I learned so much about my markers and using the colors I have to create the colors I need. Sandy has a great teaching style and is so encouraging. I learned to color things I would have never thought that I could do. The course is set so that you can do it on your own time and I love that I can always come back to it and review my lessons when I need a brush up! Awesome class!

  8. Erin

    Fabulous course. Gave me lots of confidence to create Copic projects. The course is comprehensive, easy to follow, and a must have!

  9. Humbelle

    I learned so much in this class! Sandy is an excellent teacher and explains the technique and process very well!

  10. dspaulding21

    I am still adding to my very small collection of markers, however Sandy teaches to use what you have and how to make it work. I broke my ankle recently to haven’t been able to do much, but the lessons are so easy to follow and open your brain. Lol. Love watching and learning from the best and in my opinion Sandy is the best.

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