City Sidewalks (Alcohol marker)

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Learn to draw some wintry city-and-country scenes in this mini course! A bit of drawing will be a help – but you can substitute stamps if desired. Some stamped examples are included to inspire you.

In this intermediate Copic Marker class, 5 lessons will teach techniques for coloring a wide variety of Christmas holiday scenes. Each lesson builds upon the last, developing skills that lead to success in the following technique.

  • Intermediate Level
  • Nearly 1.5 hours of video instruction
  • Supplies are found in the free preview lesson
  • Language: English

What does "intermediate" mean here? The class is taught with paper and pens - no stamps, no sketches, no net! That doesn't mean it's going to be terribly difficult, but it does mean that at least a basic facility with Copic markers is a must. Some experience with making marker strokes, blending, and flicking is needed; as well as the willingness to put a lot of color on the paper. Scenes are not for the timid who are hoarding ink in their pens. *smile*

This class is appropriate for artists working in any genre - cardmaking, fine art, animé, etc. Lessons are taught on a small paper - each is 4-1/4" x 5.5" but can be adapted to a larger size as desired - just remember if you double the size of the paper, you may need to double the size of marker strokes.

The lessons can be viewed anytime and at your leisure; there are hours of instruction that you can watch again and again for years to come:

  • FREE Pre-class Lesson with supply list
  • Downtown Promenade (16 min)
  • Park Bench (17 min)
  • Stone Bridge (17 min)
  • Shopping District (19 min)
  • Town (12 min)

View free preclass lesson.

2 reviews for City Sidewalks (Alcohol marker)

  1. Julie Finlayson

    Oh, the scenes in this class!! So beautiful but I admit to being a little intimidated. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. But, while I do need practice, my first attempts turned out so great–I was amazed. Sandy is such a good instructor. I find that when I pause the video and just relax through it, I not only enjoy the lesson more, I also have a better end product. Wonderful scenes and a wonderful class!

  2. Kim Wiebelhaus

    I accomplished more than I thought possible in this course. I cannot draw, which did give me pause on if this was the class for me. No stamped images to simply color? I thought there was no way I would be able to make my scene resemble the sample piece. I was wrong! The step-by-step instruction, and the ability to pause and rewind to watch a specific section multiple times, allowed me to bring the scenes to life. Sandy provides amazing direction for all of the lessons, and the price-point is incredible for the amount of instruction you receive. I highly recommend this course!

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