But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

– Luke 2:19 NIV

What exactly is Bible journaling?

When God speaks. we respond. Or at least we should! I for one am a bear of little brain, and when I spend time meditating and journaling, God’s message to me sticks in my mind better.

I also offer my creativity up to Him as a response of gratitude for all He’s given me. 

That’s how personal Bible journaling can be. It’s not about just making pretty things for the sake of pretty things. It’s all about enhancing our relationship with Jesus. Hearing from Him, learning from the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and then putting that down on paper.

Bible journaling can be done in a Bible, but it also can be in a journal. Or a painting to hang on a wall. Or a napkin at a coffee shop, if that’s where God is speaking! 

I pray that in the classes and resources you’ll find on this page, that your walk with Jesus will be lifted just a little higher, your love for Him will grow, and your creativity can be your expression of that deeper relationship!

Sandy Allnock, instructor

3 Sins I’ve committed in Bible Journaling

I hope this video helps express what I see as the good side – and the dark side – of Bible journaling.


Get started with Bible journaling

Brand new? There are so. many. supplies. Where to begin!? How to find ideas? What if I can’t draw?

First: take a deep breath. Bible Journaling 101 will give you an overview that should allay some fears and help you decide on a direction. And the free resources below from my book website can be a big help too.

(More information later on this page about the book.)

Favorite Bible Journaling supplies
choose from the sketch gallery
Get inspired in the sample gallery
Bible journaling 101

In this introductory course, learn about the many options for mediums, styles, and approaches to Bible journaling. 

Taking a 30,000 foot view can help you make choices about supplies to try now vs save for later.


Foundations: Get a solid footing

Once you’ve made some basic decisions on the kind of Bible you want, the type of medium you’d like to learn, it’s time to dive in to actually creating. These two courses are perfect to get you underway.

Seeing the Scriptures

In this course you’ll learn my method for meditating on and analyzing verses in a way that may lead to a visual image to draw for that page. In each lesson you’ll be assigned a verse to pray about for a day before you see what was created when I prayed—because you will be learning to hear from God yourself before viewing another’s art. 


Typography for Bible Journalers

Many Bible journalers get stuck when it comes to their handwriting – some artists have a swooshy, beautiful lettering style but our own can seem small and scratchy by comparison! In this class, learn to love your own handwriting as a gift from God – and a few tips to create word groupings that convey the meaning you’re capturing. 


 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

– Ephesians 2:10

Create beautiful pages

These courses teach ways to make Bible journaling pages in various styles.

Advent: Hunger for hope

Lessons for each of the advent Sunday themes are included in this course.


Stained glass Designs

Learn to create beautiful designs for Bible journaling pages inspired by stained glass art.


Watercolor animals

Create pages with painted animals in your Bible in projects with mixed levels of difficulty.


My books were published in 2018; what an experience! An epic journey of prayer culminated in two books: the instruction book, and also a workbook on paper similar to Bible paper, so you can practice techniques, test mediums, and do some learning in the workbook before moving to your Bible.

Bible Journaling Made Simple: The Books

The Book

Book includes supplies, step by step photo tutorials, devotions, and inspiration.

The Workbook

Practice techniques on Bible-like paper, before or in place of doing so in your BIble.

Create gifts that encourage hearts

Another little backstory: I’m a nerd for little treasure gifts. I was part of a ministry for many years that had, as one element, the making of beautiful, small, encouraging crafty items. I was blessed to receive them when I was served by the ministry, and loved receiving so much that I wanted others to have that experience!

That means I’m always making little things for people. Tucking it into their lunch bag or setting something on their porch, office desk, or sneaking it into their life in some way.

These five books are ones I’ve made many of, and I hope that you’ll learn to make them, and make many – and give them all away! Doing so in secret has a delicious Holy Spirit feel to it, thinking about the lift that the person’s heart gets when an anonymous treasure arrives and turns a rough day into a blessed one.

I included templates for my own designs, but you can come up with your own as well. Share them with me, I’d love to see what you do with the ideas. 

Be blessed, create, and go bless another!

Scripture Gift Books

Learn techniques to create 5 different minibooks using either the templates provided—or come up with your own designs following the template.


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

– 2 Corinthians 5:17

40 Days: the backstory

A number of years ago, my church went through forty days of prayer and fasting. As part of my discipline, I made sketches for each day’s verse. It was something just for me, not meant for anyone to see, but when complete, I did show it to my beloved pastor.

He was so impressed that it sat in his heart until the next year. In his plans to guide the church body through another 40 days, he asked if I could find a way to incorporate my art into the church’s experience. I worked with the tech team to create short, 1 -2 minute videos with the Scripture on-screen, music in the background, while my hands worked on painting and drawing pictures. Daily notifications were sent out to the church to come see the short video. Not many did, but for those who participated, it was a blessing.

Once that was complete, I asked his permission to turn it into a class here, so that more people could experience the blessing of just a few moments every day with Jesus, Scripture, and a little art. I am blessed to share it with you.

The class is set to release a lesson once a day, at the same hour when you make your free “purchase.” I don’t have the ability to send notifications, so just log in and see the verse for each day.

40 days of prayer and fasting

Spend 40 days with lessons, one at a time. providing spiritual nurturing, art, and opportunity to focus on Jesus.


I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

– Psalm 139:14

Choose a medium to find more courses

Other courses here teach skills that can definitely be used in Bible journaling. Peruse your favorite medium (list in the menu) and see if there’s something that could help you. Feel free to email for advice, too!

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