40 Days of Prayer and Fasting

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This free class, experienced over the course of 40 days (one new lesson revealed each day at the same time of day that you registered for it), will walk you through prayer prompts, provide worship music, Scripture, and ideas for drawing and Bible journaling your prayer time.


This course is to inspire a season of prayer and journaling; it is based on a yearly program at Sandy Allnock’s church, in which the congregation jointly fasts and prays for 40 days.  

About this class

In the first year, the sketches were created each day as the Lord inspired me to do so, and those are now used in various ways by the church. They have blessed many, and the Lord will continue to work through them now in this class as well! This free course is offered to make the art and prayer inspiration available permanently, hopefully inspiring you as you take your own forty day journey with God. 

The focus of all the prayer prompts is praying for others. For the harvest in our communities around the world. Supporting the laborers in our own fields and others, and praying in more souls into God’s family! You are welcome to pray as the Lord leads you, and your journaling can be personal or focused on the prayer prompts as well. (Journaling is not required.)

Tauren’s video speaks well to the heart of this class:

How class works

This isn’t a traditional “class” here on this site. Instead:

  • Each day or “lesson” includes a prayer prompt and several verses.
  • Day 1 is available on the day a student signs up, and each following lesson is made available on the next consecutive day.  Lessons can be viewed retroactively of course. If you wish to re-do the 40 days at another time, they will all be available all at once if you have already been through the course one time..
  • Lessons include questions to help you think through some of the prompts, or ideas to help seek imagery related to them, as well as a little of the thought process to create the sketchbook drawing. The finished drawing is available to download if you wish to resize and use it in your Bible journaling.
  • There are no tutorial videos made just for this free course, however, if tutorials related to the prayer prompts exist on Sandy’s Bible journaling channel, they are included in the lessons.

Sharing your work

Students are encouraged to share their answers to prayer as well as any artwork created while going on this 40 day journey. There’s a Bible Journaling Made Simple facebook group where your art is most welcome, be sure to join others as we all create and learn together!

View Preclass Lesson with more about supplies.

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  1. imTheresaP

    I’ve been through a rough few months, and evil won’t give up. I hope to fast and pray to reach a deeper connection with God. I am so thankful to you, Sandy, for being, not just a great teacher and crafter, but a Christian who helps others. God Bless you.

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