Copic Hex Chart

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Purchase a downloadable hex chart for Copic markers – included are both a blank one to color with your own markers, and a completed one to print for reference. See below for tips to use the chart.


The Copic Hex Chart is an excellent aid to colorists because of the color arrangement in visual order - not numerical. The chart makes marker selections more visually instinctive, allowing the artist to see appropriate and sometimes surprising blending colors a few blocks away on the chart. The process of scanning, digitizing, and printing alters color, and your monitor and printer are different than the one this is calibrated for, but the color chart is still a great help. Included in the Hex Chart PDF:

  • A two-page pdf to print onto Copic-friendly paper and hand color
  • A two-page colored pdf for reference

NO PHYSICAL CHART WILL BE MAILED. After the purchase, go to your account downloads while on a laptop (phones cannot store files) or follow the link in the email that is sent to you. 2022 UPDATE: The chart was updated in 2022 only for FONTS and to remove some odd spaces. The previous chart is still just fine.


COLOR SELECTION: Find colors to blend with your selected hue by looking 2-5 spaces away from the initial color to locate a light and dark. SHOPPING: Save money by avoiding purchasing colors that are very near to each other. Fill in gaps in your marker collection by seeing what you already have. TRACKING: Print a separate chart on copier paper and mark off colors you have reinkers for.


  • If you have trouble finding a color's location, open the PDF and do a text search for that color number.
  • Color a new chart every year or two, especially if you leave yours out on your desk. Alcohol markers are not lightfast.
  • If Copic adds colors to the line, a new chart will be issued for free to previous purchasers and will be available by simply re-downloading.
  • If you run out of downloads, just email and more will be added for you.
  • For more tips see the How to Use a Hex Chart class here.

This chart was not created nor endorsed by Copic.

25 reviews for Copic Hex Chart

  1. Bonnie Aeschlimann

    The Copic Hex Chart is my permanent companion. I am forever reaching for it as I colour, able to see at a glance that which works well together. I am also thrilled that I can choose to purchase new colour combos based on the coloured chart without doubling up on very similar hues (essential when on a budget). I even printed a second sheet and labelled it ‘refills’ so I could also see with very little fuss which refills I already have. A brilliant companion to anyone who owns Copics 🙂

  2. Kim

    I use mine EVERY time I color! It helps me choose colors and it also looks pretty on my workspace. Best color chart EVER!!

  3. Cheri Johnston

    OMGosh, how did I ev-ah color without this?? I reach for this every time I start a project. I slso downloaded the PENCIL hex chart!!! ❤❤❤ Love them both, thank you Sandy for spending hours creating this❗

  4. poconopam

    My Copic Hex Chart is an important part of my coloring arsenal. It is my go-to for many of my color combos. I discovered the R11 & E00 blend very well. I also love how many of the YRs blend with the Es. Thanks so much for this useful source Sandy!

  5. Kathy Morgan

    What an awesome tool, no Copic crafter should be without. Sandy, patiently developed the chart to show the relationships of the colors. All kinds of helpful if I need a color or color family. It is my goto tool to work with my Copics! Highly recommend

  6. Lyne Lemire

    The chart is useful in many ways especially if you don’t own all markers you can easily find a close match to the color you don’t have – that’s what I use it for and also you can easily see the colors you need to get in the future. Thank you Sandy

  7. Cindi Patton

    Sandy’s Hex Chart for Copics is a tool I pull out EVERY time I use my Copics–for choosing color combos and for matching Copic colors to other colors in my projects (like paper)–as well as for figuring out which Copics I still need to purchase. It’s WELL worth the price, IMHO.

  8. AndreaS

    I use the hex chart every time I color with my copic markers. It helps me pick color combinations for shading that are sometimes unexpected. I’m so glad Sandy Allnock created this for everyone to use!

  9. Denise

    I use my hex chart every single time I color with copics. It’s helped me understand the relationship between colors, prioritize which markers to buy next and helps me experiment with blending. It completely changed my understanding of how the colors work. Can not recommend enough.

  10. Gayla S Hunt

    This hex chart should be adopted by the manufacturers of Copics. It is THE best tool every designed with these markers in mind. You can tell a lot of thought and effort went into its design. I use the hex chart every time I plan to color a card using Copic markers. The chart makes it so easy to find just the right color combinations and the right colors you have in mind while coloring. The coloring of the chart is time consuming but well worth the effort. The purchase price is WAY too low!

  11. Denise Kinsley

    An essential tool, in my opinion – I would not be without mine! As I built my Copic collection, I used the hex chart for keeping track of which colors I had and deciding where my color palette was weak. Since I have not quite progressed to the level of having automatic “go to” color combinations, I use my chart all the time when selecting color groups for shading – which do not always align with the canned Copic color algorithm.

  12. June Kurosaka

    An absolute must have for your Copics. Forget about the numbers on the markers. Forget about color families. Once you complete your Hex chart you will see that there are colors that will blend well together regardless of the number or color family on the markers. I pull out my Hex chart anytime I am going to use my Copics. Oh, and it is fun coloring in the hex spaces, too.

  13. Carol Garcia

    Essential when I use my Copics or even when ordering new colors. This chart keeps me on track for shades needed and with Sandy’s expertise how to get the look I want on whatever I’m working on. An essential craft supply and possibly the best $5.99 you have spent in a long time!

  14. Sherry W.

    If you color with COPICS, you NEED this chart. For a long time I used the freebie chart on the COPIC website that lists the colors in order by color family. That’s fine for keeping track of what you have, but not really much good for picking colors to blend, shade and highlight. This chart is arranged by COLOR, not by number, so you can easily see which markers you have that will have enough contrast to do what you want. There are times when the best marker is actually in a different color family. The included colored chart can be helpful in deciding which markers you may want to add to your collection. I used to pick markers according to the cap colors, but the caps aren’t really good indicators of the color. For the cost of less than one COPIC marker, you can get the most out of your collection with this chart.

  15. Carol H.

    I love Sandy’s Copic Hex Chart! Not only did it help me keep track of which markers I had when I was building my collection, it helps me use colors in many different combinations that I might not have thought of. Very easy to download and print on some Neenah 80# paper too. Highly recommend!

  16. Joyce Cataw

    Love these Hex Charts. I use both the Copic and Pencil Hex Charts and would be lost without them. Great place to swatch out all my colors. I was just actually working on a Luminance Chart this morning! Absolutely fantastic tool.

  17. Anekint

    Copic Hex chart was the second purchase I made after buying my very first copic markers for Copic Jumpstart course. Firstly it showed me which markers I had, which I still needed, which colors were more or less the same and therefor didn’t need it and what the colors looked like in relation to each other. It helped me learn the colors in the copic maze of markers and colors. Indispensable and a must have.

  18. Marilyn

    I purchased the hex chart shortly after it came out and I love it! I use it to find new color combos but I also use it when following other people’s color combos. When using someone else’s color combo and I don’t have a specific color, I pull out my chart to find a similar color. It has also saved me money (because there are similar colors) I don’t buy them all.

  19. Teresa Hall

    I love my hex charts! Couldn’t color without them!

  20. Pluvias

    I purchased this chart 4 years ago and I never looked back to the conventional Copic hand color chart. The Hex chart totally enhanced my color choice and my artworks went through an immediate boost that thankfully received so much praise. I totally recommend it for every artist who is so involved with Copic Markers!

  21. Vbaity0716

    I love this chart! It makes my purchasing of colors very easy! I recommend this chart to anyone!

  22. Juan Villarreal

    Loved your design that I made my copic marker storage almost identical to your chart.

  23. kirspend

    I love this chart so much! I use it every time I color and it has never let me down! I have it colored on white and Desert Storm and it makes choosing colors so easy. Thanks, Sandy, for all of your hard work to make my coloring so much easier!

  24. Sheri Witthoft

    My go to tool for any copic art! I love copic coloring and I refer to this chart all the time. I started my Copic journey picking random colors that I liked and using the number system – which was not successful for me at all. I ended up with too many markers in almost the same shade which was discouraging and costly. Using Sandy’s Copic Jumpstart, Alternate Colors handout and the Hex Chart I was able to build a good variety of colors that I love using.
    Sandy again sets her students up for success in a positive and practical way. Thanks Sandy.

  25. Kim Wiebelhaus

    This chart is a must have for anybody that enjoys Copic markers. The visual layout of colors is a go-to resource for choosing color combinations. The layout helps you to see combinations that you may not have thought about if only looking at standard color/shading group. The fully colored version is also helpful for you to decide what additional markers you may want to add to your collection!

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