Copic Enchantment: 10 Slimline Scenes PREREGISTRATION

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This Level 4 class will teach students how to create 10 interior scenes, inspired by ideas perfect for cardmaking – but the concepts can be used for other art as well! From kitchens to the bath, living rooms to libraries – these cover a variety of situations!

PREREGISTRATION NOW OPEN! First few lessons online April 1. Read more below.


PREREGISTRATION NOW OPEN: While the instructor works slowly through recovery from a repetitive stress injury, preregistration is open and lessons will be uploaded as the hands allow! You can certainly wait until all lessons are live (this note will be updated with each new lesson added), and once all are live, a YouTube preview of the whole class will be shared to let you know it’s all available. First 4 lessons are complete and available, check in for more throughout April! (They’ll be sneak-peeked on her social media.)

This Level 4 class will teach students how to create 10 magical scenes, in a “slimline” (3.75 x 8.5) format perfect for cardmaking. Half are horizontal, half vertical scenes – and all can be adapted or just portions used for  can be used for other size formats and art as well!

What exactly is a Level 4 “Intermediate-Advanced” class?

A solid foundation of Copic coloring is required, as is some confidence in creating art on a blank page. Blending and color selection are assumed to be understood at this level. Colors for each lesson are provided, but not on-screen, as students are to work with colors they have in their collection.

  • Intermediate-Advanced Level 4
  • (unknown at this time) hours of video instruction
  • Supplies are found in the free preview lesson
  • Language: English

Once complete, a short preview video will be available to see the types of projects included in this course. In the meantime you can see a description of the class and some samples in the tail end of this YouTube Live video, which has been fast forwarded for you to the right section:

The lessons can be viewed anytime and at your leisure; there are hours of instruction that you can watch again and again for years to come but are not downloadable for offline viewing.

  • Free Preclass lesson with supplies and color list (coming soon)
  • Lesson 1: Forest Glow (13 min)  now available
  • Lesson 2: Tree Trunk Hideaway (12 min)  now available
  • Lesson 3: Ivy-covered Gazebo (18 min)  now available
  • Lesson 4: Magical Sunset (12 min)  now available
  • Lesson 5:  Nightlights
  • Lesson 6: Palace Garden
  • Lesson 7: Fairy Forest
  • Lesson 8: Golden River
  • Lesson 9: Thicket
  • Lesson 10:  The Clearing


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