Color & Line: Marker + Pen and Ink drawings

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Learn to draw sketches in alcohol or water-based markers, adding pen and ink to define and enhance your drawing!

Wash and ink tends to be thought of as a watercolor term - but it can describe any medium that can apply a wash of color, and then ink! In this course students will learn to draw illustrative pictures in alcohol or water-based markers, adding pen and ink to define and enhance your drawing!

Lessons are taught in various brands of alcohol markers and water-based markers, with dual technique videos when a particular effect is needed to use the other medium - though in many cases, students can follow an alcohol marker video with water-based markers, as there is not extensive blending required. Early lesson addresses the differences so students are prepared.

This is a Level 4 course; that means a facility with the student's chosen medium (alcohol or water-based markers) is assumed, as well as comfort with pen and ink. Any kind of pens may be used as well as any brand of markers, with the understanding each will garner different results.

  • Level 4
  • 3 Hours of instruction
  • Closed captioned
  • Supplies are found in the free preview lesson
  • Language: English

Class preview:

The lessons can be viewed anytime and at your leisure; there are hours of instruction that you can watch again and again for years to come:

  1.  FREE Pre-class Lesson with supply list (16 min)
  2. Testing your materials  (19 min)
  3. Flowing shapes and lines (17 min)
  4. Intertwining elements  (18 min)
  5. Horizontal flow (12 min)
  6. Cloud swirls (15 min)
  7. Outer space (14 min)
  8. Elegant shapes (12 min)
  9. Reflective highlight (17 min)
  10. Color Wheel progression (16 min)
  11. Putting it all together (22 min)

The Pre-Class lesson includes the supply list for this course.

1 review for Color & Line: Marker + Pen and Ink drawings

  1. ftkarens

    Absolutely fabulous and fun class! Whether you have general sketch markers, alcohol ink markers, aqua brush markers or watercolor, Sandy demonstrates how to do each class piece in various mediums.
    Had never done hatching to illustrate shading, nor had I worked with aqua brushes in a larger scale – now I can do both!
    This class prepped me for Ink Sketching Techniques class and no doubt many more to come.
    Finished panels are beyond what I thought I was capable of doing and definitely worthy of framing. Almost like creating your own adult coloring book and then coloring with whatever mediums you have.
    Thanks Sandy, for creating these wonderful classes!

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