Color & Line: Preclass

Let’s talk supplies.

In this course you’ll be making lots of your own choices; this is a level four class, so you got this! You can create the lessons in your favorite alcohol markers or your favorite water-based ones! And then use whatever pens you’ve got, or treat yourself to some new ones from the supply list.

You’ll also be able to choose whether to use the paper you love and are comfortable on – or get a new sketchbook! There are some marker sketchbooks that do work with both types of markers; if you like that kind of paper, rock on! They usually can’t handle much water so keep to a minimum with water based pens.

Take a look at this quick little video and then we’ll talk more specifics below that.


That mixed media sketchbook

I think there’s some kind of magic going on in that paper! Bee is a company I trust, I’ve used lots of their sketchbooks before. But I’ve never seen alcohol marker bleed through the paper AND not hit the next page! Granted, I kept a sheet of scrap in between the whole way through, just in case; the red cherries bled but only a tiny bit!

The paper does have a little bit of “drag” to it though; it makes your markers feel dry even if they aren’t, if that describes it better.

For water based markers just don’t get wild with the water. And for watercolor just be prepared for some curling if you go heavy on the water; it’s very normal for any paper that isn’t watercolor paper. Plus you won’t get the pretty edges that watercolor paper provides. Some of the lessons will have videos or written tips for watercolorists; but since drawing with a brush is so much harder, some lessons are just not feasible to explain.

But this sketchbook IS workable if you’re looking for One Sketchbook To Rule Them All. (There may be others, but this is the first one I found that I was pleased with.)

  • Bee Paper Mixed Media 8×8 Sketchbook AMZ Blick

See the video at the end of this lesson for more on the sketchbook testing. 




Alcohol markers

For those with limited markers, or who are missing individual colors…never fear! You can layer, or “glaze” other colors to create a missing one. (Also see instructional handout in Resources section below)

Marker sketchbook

Neenah cardstock


Water based or aqua markers

I think these are an underrated art supply! They’re fun to play with even if most brands are fugitive (disappear if left out in sunlight – the one exception is Faber Castell which are lightfast. You’ll need a brush to use with them.


Black Pens

Since you’ll be doing line work on TOP of color, you won’t need to worry about comatibility between the color medium and pen ink! Here are some of my favorites, but use what you’ve got.


For the traditional watercolorists

I don’t recommend this course be attempted exclusively in traditional watercolor; these are small areas and a brush is so hard to draw with in some sections. There are some videos and written tips for you – but keep some markers handy for times when things go awry.





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