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  • Casting Shadows

    This course is an intermediate study of the way light interacts with objects. We begin with the “science” or “math” of triangulating from light sources – but most of…

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  • Drawing 101: Form, Depth, and Volume

    Foundations of drawing are a big part of becoming a success at painting and other mediums. Even if you’ve never drawn a thing – you can learn! It’s a…

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  • Drawing Mini-Course: Safari Animals

    In this intermediate Drawing class, 5 lessons will cover sketchbook drawings to follow along and complete, using photos from Paint My Photo (so an free account there is needed.)…

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  • Mini Kids Drawing Class: Creative Self-Portraits

    This class is for kids – taught with markers, soft pastels, and oil pastels with other child-friendly art supplies! It’s taught at a child’s level with the hope to…

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  • Mini Kids Drawing Class: Dogs and Cats

    Kids can learn to draw cats and dogs in this affordable class taught with crayons and pencils!

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  • One Rose Four Ways

    This intermediate class explores one photograph in four mediums – drawing in black and white, colored pencil, Copic marker, and watercolor.

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  • Whimsical Patterns

    In this relaxing, self-paced Whimsical Patterns class, you’ll be treated to five lessons showing how to create fun and relaxing patterns using white and metallic pens on black paper….

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  • Whimsical Sketching Class

    Are you a doodler? Or a doodler wannabe? In this relaxing, self-paced Whimsical Sketching class, you’ll be treated to five lessons – in real-time – showing how to draw…

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