Fresh Florals Watercolor Class

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This intermediate class teaches techniques for loose flower painting – from trillium to snapdragon to ranunculus and roses. And vases for your bouquets!

After learning how to paint a selection of flower styles - which can be adapted to create a variety of similar flowers - you'll learn how to combine them into a wreath painting, and also to create different types of glass vases to contain them!.

Prerequisite: It is recommended that students have a basic working knowledge of watercolor; a little introduction will be provided, but the rest of class will assume students' understanding of colors, edges, and movement of watercolor. Note that if you get into class and realize you need to learn more first, you do have lifetime access so you can come back and complete class any time after taking Watercolor Jumpstart or Exploring Watercolor.

  • Intermediate Level 3
  • Nearly 5 hours of video instruction
  • Supplies are found in the free preview lesson
  • Language: English

The lessons can be viewed anytime and at your leisure; there are hours of instruction that you can watch again and again for years to come:

  1. FREE Pre-class Lesson with supply list (18 min of video content)
  2. Paint Strokes (45 min)
  3. Trillium (21 min)
  4. Cherry Blossom (23 min)
  5. Daisies (31 min)
  6. Snapdragon (19 min)
  7. Sunflowers (36 min)
  8. Ranunculus (31 min)
  9. Roses (16 min)
  10. Wreath (13 min)
  11. ases (16 min)

View free preclass lesson.

2 reviews for Fresh Florals Watercolor Class

  1. danderson

    I really loved the fresh florals watercolor class taught by Sandy Allnock. The paintings you make in the class are all beautiful, and incorporate many basic watercolor principles. I found the instructions easy to follow and even with minimal experience was able to produce lovely art. This is one of the first watercolor classes I purchased, and I still go back to the lessons to review.

  2. winnoren

    Although I haven’t yet finished the lessons, this is another great course by Sandy Allnock. She breaks down the steps into manageable pieces and walks you through each step. Sandy is a polished speaker which makes watching her videos that much more enjoyable. I still can’t make my efforts come close to my vision but working my way through these lessons is getting me closer step-by-step. I highly recommend this class.

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