Landscape Foundations: Watercolor Trees I

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Landscape Foundations classes approach elements needed for landscape watercolor painting, beginning with this course all about painting single trees in simple settings. These classes will build skills to group together for more advanced paintings! Some experience with watercolor needed to study successive lessons taught the way Sandy would have liked to learn!


From the instructor: Students have asked me to translate my in-person watercolor workshops into online courses. The in-person workshops are usually $300-500, and include days of demos by me of foundational techniques in watercolor, then you. Not everyone can afford these, nor get to them — especially since the pandemic has caused many art stores to put events on hold indefinitely.

Now you can take one of my workshops the comfort of your own studio…and for a lot less money!

Class preview:

What is a Foundations Course?

Foundations courses methodically walk through many techniques to get artists started on larger works (not card-sized); no one was around to help ME make that transition, so I’m going to teach YOU all the things I wish someone taught me, and in an order that makes sense. Each one will build on the last, growing skills and knowledge throughout a watercolorist’s journey through the series.

What experience is required for a Level 4 class?

Some basic facility with watercolor is important for Foundations courses. Whether small paintings as sketches or cards, or attempts at larger works, having some comfort level with applying pigment to paper is all that’s needed! These are designed to help artists make the jump from small to large format, or to give the experienced larger-format painter new ideas for approaching painting techniques.

These courses are not for complete novices; I would recommend beginning with Watercolor Jumpstart if you’ve never done any watercolor at all, as that class deals with basic pigment mixing and management.

Do I need to know how to draw?

For this Landcape series, only limited drawing skills are needed. That’s deliberate – I wanted to make watercolor accessible to those with limited drawing experience! So no buildings will be included in these aside from very minor elements so that perspective experience isn’t required. Trees, hills, and skies are easy and forgiving subject matter, and photo resources are carefully selected to help keep the focus on subjects that are doable.

(Note: In the next few years, an Architectural Foundations series will begin in which Drawing 101 will be a prerequisite so that perspective needn’t be taught again in a painting class.)

  • Introductory Level
  • Over 3-1/2 hours of realtime video instruction
  • Supplies are found in the free preview lesson
  • Language: English

The lessons can be viewed anytime and at your leisure; there are hours of instruction that you can watch again and again for years to come:

  1. FREE Pre-class Lesson with supply list (29 min of video content)
  2. Painting with Layers (34 min)
  3. Painting Negative Spaces  (24 min)
  4. Painting Wet in Wet (38 min)
  5. Painting with Calligraphy (29 min)
  6. Painting with Delicacy (31 min)

Click the preclass lesson below to see the supplies and exercises.

View free pre-class lesson.

1 review for Landscape Foundations: Watercolor Trees I

  1. obeewright

    As watercolor is a new interest for me in the last few years, I have enjoyed several of Sandy’s classes. From the very first lesson in this class, I was challenged at a level that kept me interested and looking forward to the next lesson. Sandy has the unique ability to give just what I need for instruction. The advantage of taking this on line, is that I have used each video multiple times.
    The connection to other folks taking these classes through social media is a great benefit as well. One of my favorite classes!

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