Mini Kids Drawing Class: Creative Self-Portraits


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About Class

This class is for kids – taught with markers, soft pastels, and oil pastels with other child-friendly art supplies! It’s taught at a child’s level with the hope to speak into their lives about the joy and accessibility of art that will lead to a lifetime of creativity! See the type of art in the preview video below to determine if it’s at an appropriate level for your child.



General/household items you may already have…

  • Pencil, Eraser
  • Scissors (can be the little kids kind; must be strong enough to cut through a styrofoam plate)
  • Ruler (small is fine)
  • Permanent Sharpie marker – thick, not the ultrathin writing kind (marker in class is labeled “fine point”, should be that or thicker)  
  • Elmers glue or equivalent – it should dry clear.  
  • Styrofoam plates or take-out containers – clean with a large flat area to use for printmaking  
  • Stylus, popsicle sticks, nail files – household items that can make interesting marks (for scratchboard and other projects)   
  • White colored pencil or other light colored pencil
  • Newspaper, butcher paper, cardboard, newsprint pad, or other covering for tables. Class is messy!  
  • Baby wipes and paper towels
  • Masking tape – the delicate surfaces kind used for painting, so art papers won’t rip when tape is peeled off.
  • Foam brush – 1 or 2 inches wide
  • Round objects to trace around – roll of tape works fine
  • A profile (direct side view) photo of the child to print and trace. Simple background will be best for ease of tracing.
  • Optional: a lightbox of any kind; other methods of tracing will be shown but child can also use a light box.

Art supplies

  • Water-based markers, any brand (can be the fat or thin kind) 
  • Apple Barrel black paint (this brand tested really well, I haven’t found others I trust for scratchboard)
  • Soft Pastels – recommend Faber Castell or equivalent. 
  • Oil Pastels – water soluble OR non water soluble. The Crayola water soluble are safer if you’ve got kiddos who write on walls or need big fat pastel crayons; Faber Castell and Pentel both have more color choices but the physical pastels are smaller.
  • These items are pictured below:





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