Prismacolor Hex Chart

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Purchase a downloadable hex chart for Prismacolor pencils – both a blank one and color one so you can track what you have – and might like to get, as well as make color selections more easily!


The Prismacolor Hex Chart helps colorists see the brand’s color arrangement in visual order – not numerical. The chart makes pencil selections more visually instinctive, allowing the artist to see appropriate and sometimes surprising blending colors a few blocks away on the chart.

The colored chart included makes pencil purchases easier with the ability to see similar colors to avoid spending on colors that are too near to each other, and helping to fill in gaps in an artist’s collection. Note that the process of scanning and digitizing and printing alters color, but the color chart is still a help.

  1. Included in the Hex Chart Bundle:
  2. A blank pdf with two pages:
    • page 1 to print onto pencil-friendly paper and hand color
    • page 2 colored in for reference
  3. For usage tips see the How to Use a Hex Chart class.

This chart is not required for any class here at Art-Classes, but students may find it a help. It is the same chart that has been sold on the instructor’s blog since 2018.

1 review for Prismacolor Hex Chart

  1. Fiona Harvey

    I bought and coloured the Prismacolor Hex Chart and at last I feel some sense of knowing my Prismacolors and how they work together (if only their outside matched their actual colour!). I had coloured other charts but they didn’t really help. Now I’m sorting the pencils into my slotted pencil case using the hex charts as reference, and I’ll be keeping the chart close by when I’m colouring. Everything just got a whole lot less frustrating. Thanks for this great resource 🙂

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