Colored Pencil Jumpstart

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Understand and appreciate your colored pencils in entirely new ways – study color theory as well as techniques that will increase your artistic skills! Fine artists and crafters have enjoyed this course by either stamping or drawing images to practice lessons.

New and experienced colored pencil artists always gain by learning about this fun and accessible medium! This class with nearly 5 hours of video instruction will help you understand pencils, decide whether you might want to try a different brand, and of course how to use them! Covered will be a wide variety of blending techniques, shading and some color theory as well! Many downloadable handouts will help you test and practice your blending and color combinations, and you’ll use these swatch sheets for years to come.

  • Introductory Level
  • Nearly 5 hours of video instruction
  • Special techniques to delight experienced colorists
  • Supplies are found in the free preview lesson
  • Language: English
  • Closed Captioned

While some lessons in the class are geared to papercrafters using stamps – fine artists can also learn much by applying the techniques to drawn images as well. Just substitute your own drawings when we get to the later lessons on different papers!

Students can even take this class without owning a full set of pencils! The color theory exercises will teach how to mix colors using a color wheel to create new hues. Start with what you have, and as you grow as an artist you can decide what other products might be of interest to you!

This class will get beginners started, amp up intermediate students, and deepen an advanced student’s knowledge of colored pencils – and this class serves as the prerequisite for future classes.

The lessons can be viewed anytime and at your leisure; there are hours of instruction that you can watch again and again for years to come:

Lecture1.1 FREE Pre-class Lesson with supply list (27 min of video content)
Lecture1.2 Application of Color (38 min)
Lecture1.3 Color Wheel and Glazing (26 min)
Lecture1.4 Blending Techniques and Color Choices (29 min)
Lecture1.5 Light and Shadow (33 min)
Lecture1.6 Intensifying Color (19 min)
Lecture1.7 Black Magic (25 min)
Lecture1.8 Powdered Pencil Pigment (33 min)
Lecture1.9 Lesson 8 – Score! (15 min)
Lecture1.10 Faux Watercolor (21 min)
Lecture1.11 See-through Techniques (29 min)

So grab your pencils, some paper, and let’s jumpstart your coloring skills!
View free preclass lesson.

2 reviews for Colored Pencil Jumpstart

  1. nogrinch

    I so enjoyed this class! I seem to be addicted to purchasing colored pencils and wanted to improve my colored pencil skills. My biggest challenge is coloring lightly and shading and this class was just what I needed. I can highly recommend it!!

  2. Chantal_P36

    This class if full of interesting technics that can be applied over and over again , from card making to simply apply colored pencil for any subject. What was especially interesting for me was the color theory and all the tools for blending and helping me make color choices for my projects.

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