Daniel Smith Half Pan Sets – Swatch Paintings


Swatch paintings of Daniel Smith half-pan sets, color lists, and suggested colors to complete the palettes. No blank pages are included to paint in.


Daniel Smith came out with half-pan sets that come in small palettes, 6 colors for most of the sets, and the rest of the half pans are empty. They chose colors by popularity of some of their newest colors so artists could try them out without investing in tubes. But they do work as mini palettes and can be completed with other colors of your choice! I use them for travel.

Included in this pdf:

• Test paintings created with the basic 6 colors in these sets (or all colors in one case) to see what variety they actually provide.

• List of the colors that included in the sets are listed

• My suggested colors to fill out each palette. (Very personal decisions, feel free to disagree!) I made decisions about recommendations after creating the test paintings shown and deciding what colors I felt would fill out the sets in the empty palettes.

Purchase the watercolors at your local art store or online HERE.



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