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Do you love your art supplies? Then you might just love learning what supplies the instructor on this site loves!

This course is all about her favorite tools to make beautiful art – pens, paint, brushes, paper…with tips throughout class to get the most out of each!

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In this unique free class, the focus is all about the art supplies, inspired by a sketchbook project! Learn about this site’s instructor’s studio and favorite supplies, some tips to understand what they are, and quick tips and ideas for caring for them. Lessons are focused around mediums, with a few new videos, PDFs, and descriptions galore.

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  • Any Level
  • Prerequisute: none
  • Language: English

The lessons can be viewed anytime and at your leisure, but not downloaded for offline viewing; there are hours of instruction that you can watch again and again for years to come:

  1. Preclass: Which medium?
  2. Studio tour
  3. Watercolor paints and palettes
  4. Watercolor brushes and accessories
  5. Watercolor papers and sketchbooks
  6. Watercolor pencils
  7. Studio, Plein Air, Urban Sketching
  8. Copic Markers
  9. Copic Numbering System, paper and sketchbooks
  10. Copic storage
  11. Copic color charts
  12. Copic airbrush
  13. Colored pencils
  14. Colored pencil accessories
  15. Drawing and sketching
  16. Drawing pens and markers
  17. Bible journaling
  18. Stamping and storage
  19. Stamping action tools
  20. Stamping inks, diecutting, and finishing
  21. Video setup
  22. Video philosophy
  23. Creativity: On trying new things
  24. Creativity: Taking inspiration and running with it
  25. Creativity: Questions for storytelling

Preclass Lesson: Which medium?

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  1. Rosy Newlun

    You are very organized! I love the flow from one area to the next. There wasn’t anything that would surprise me, just calm, clean and well sorted out art products! Thank you for the happy tour IRL and in your watercolor book!!!

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