My Virtual Studio: Studio, Plein Air, Urban Sketching

Studio painting is where most watercolor painting happens; artists who paint outside often use that as a study for a work created back in the studio. It’s generally easier, especially for new artists, to create indoors.

  • Comfort – no outdoor elements to deal with.
  • Time – the ability to stop and start at will (and a real bathroom!)
  • Tools – availability of all your supplies.
  • Techniques – unlimited

Plein Air Painting is less common but still quite popular nonetheless. Plein Air means “Fresh air” or “outdoors” in French – it’s painting from life rather than imagination or photographs, and offers both challenges and benefits.

  • Comfort – dealing with elements of nature can be a plus – or a minus
  • Time – working faster due to changing light, weather, etc
  • Tools – carrying supplies along with you, using only what you can haul
  • Techniques – limited; painting on an angle (easel) usually or finding location with a flat surface

Urban Sketching is a more modern form of art – documenting the everyday world through quicker sketches than one might create during a plein air session. These can be line art or realism or anywhere in between; the idea is to draw exactly what is in front of you. (Plein air can incorporate more editing of the scene and expressiveness.)

  • Comfort – dealing with nature, settings; finding seating or bringing a stool
  • Time – quick sketches, often in public situations
  • Tools – simpler, can be pen/pencil/sketchbook and can add a little color.
  • Techniques – simple/limited due to the nature of public work in potentially busy locations

Plein Air Supplies

When going out to paint plein air, I use the same palette that was discussed in the Watercolors and Palettes lesson. I pack 2 quarter-sheets of Arches or Saunders Cold Press, and have them pre-taped onto lightweight Graphix boards (cut to size as well). Brushes and other supplies I pack in a backpack:

  • daVinci Maestro Kolinsky Sable Brush – Round, Short Handle, Size 14    BLICK
  • Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brush – Pointed Round, Size 10 – BLICK 
  • Heritage Arts Detachable Plastic Brush Washer EH
  • Small Spray bottle, 3pack  AMZ
  • Tutto3 Pencil, black or silver body
  • Kneaded Eraser, EH or BLICK
  • Graphix Incredible Board, AMZ
  • Blick Travel Easel – BLICK

A video showing my setup and supplies – and a little about painting:

View on YouTube

Urban Sketching Supplies

I use a number of different sets of supplies when out to sketch; what is packed often depends on my creative mood for the day. I may google the location (if meeting folks in a place I’ve never been) and look at some photos to see what I might be sketching. Often I just take a Pentalic sketchbook and a pencil and a sharpie. If I take any color, it’s usually one of my mini-palettes, of which I have about 15 …..See a whole post with links and pictures of them HERE, video is below:

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