My Virtual Studio: Copic Storage

Oh, what to do with all those beautiful markers!

Ever since I finished my whole collection of Copics – and frankly, sooner than that – I’ve used the big black storage bag that Copic used to make. Yes, “used to.” I’ve occasionally seen used ones for sale online….when they went out of production I bought an extra for myself and stored it in the garage, just in case! Maybe someday they’ll bring it back. They don’t make the suitcase either. Kinda strange they don’t make any user-friendly storage for their entire line of product!

In liey of that, a few years ago I collected a bunch of ideas from other artists about how they store theirs….and years later, people are still sharing theirs on this Facebook post – go share yours and see others’ solutions!

And then there are Copic wallets – they hold 72 markers each. Get one at BLICK or on AMZ.

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