My Virtual Studio: Colored Pencil Accessories

I did say in the previous lesson that Colored pencil is the easiest place to get started. But there are some other tools you might want to consider, a few items that will make coloring with pencils easier and make you more successful.


While a ton of papers accept colored pencil, what I find is that a soft, cotton paper has a texture that works well with my techniques of using a light hand and layering colors softly over each other to build up to richness. Stonehenge leaps to the top of my recommendations; it’s similar to Arches hot press if you want to test that out before picking up any of the Stonehenge. I also use other papers listed below when making cards.

  • Stonehenge White BLICK | AMZ
  • Stonehenge Warm White BLICK
  • Stonehenge Colors BLICK
  • Neenah or any cardstock that runs through your printer
    • Classic Crest Solar White EH
    • Classic Crest Desert Storm  EH

Pencil Sketchbooks – Same as above – nearly any sketchbook accepts colored pencil. Fortunately though Stonehenge makes a sketchbook which makes me very very happy. And Fabriano has a black sketchbook that’s great for a change.

  • Stillman and Birn heavyweight white – AMZ
  • Stillman and Birn Grey toned sketchbook – BLICK
  • Stillman and Birn tan toned sketchbook – BLICK
  • Stonehenge Spiral Sketchbook – BLICK
  • Black Black by Fabriano – BLICK

Pencil Sharpening

A sharp pencil can make ALL the difference in getting a nice even blend when using my techniques to draw using light layers, taking advantage of fine paper textures. See the video below for tips – and pick up an electric and handlheld for best results!

  • Electric QuietSharp  DB | AMZ
  • Handheld Prismacolor  EH | DB | AMZ 
  • Handheld yellow one because….yellow BLICK

Pencil storage

Some pencils come in tins or boxes that you can keep them in – however you might want something smaller/less cumbersome, or a storage system where the pencils won’t fall out and land on the floor, breaking leads. I keep my colored pencils in cases shown below – and my watercolor pencils are in their original tins because I don’t cart them around with me, so danger of dropping them is much smaller. I made little tags for my pencil cases, as shown in the video.

Blending stumps

Blending with Gamsol, mineral spirits, or baby oil using stumps is a great way to get nice blends. Each of them works about the same; beware and test whatever you’re using because they’ve all got some oil content in them and can leave a grease stain in white areas. I use a dry blending stump on edges to avoid that.

I keep my solvents in little jars with lids and cotton balls inside, and that keeps the solvent from tipping over, and also means I can press the tip of the stump into the cotton ball and it won’t come out fully dripping as it could if I dipped it into a pool of straight liquid! (see previous video for more about that.)

  • Gamsol EH | BLICK | AMZ  or  other Odorless Mineral Spirits, or Baby Oil  AMZ
  • Solvent jars AMZ
  • Blending Stumps EH | BLICK | AMZ
  • Alvin Heritage Drawing Tools Set with stump sharpener BLICK

Other supplies:

  • Kneaded eraser EH | BLICK | AMZ
  • Stick eraser  BLICK
  • Stylus   BLICK | AMZ    and/or bone folder EH | AMZ
  • dusting brush like this one: AMZ or a large, super soft brush

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