Colored Pencil Storybook Scenes Preclass

Welcome to the pre-class lesson…all about supplies! If you’ve taken the Colored Pencil Jumpstart class, you have all you need already.


  1. Blending solution
    1. Gamsol EH | DB | AMZ  or 
    2. other Odorless Mineral Spirits, or
    3. Baby Oil  AMZ
  2. Blending solution container (optional) Solvent jars AMZ – cotton ball with solution in a small jar makes it less likely to spill on your desk
  3. Blending stump sharpener (also acts as a cleaner) or fine grit sandpaper
  4. Tea Strainer – yes, from tea. A fine grate for creating powdered pigment. Tea Strainer
  5. Whatever paper you like to color on, cut to 4-1/4″ x 5.5″
  6. Pad of paper -these are two I like:
    • Neenah Classic Crest Solar White EHAMZ
    • Stonehenge DB | AMZ I HIGHLY recommend trying this paper. This is used in this class. Use the white or warm white, whichever you prefer.
  7. Pencil sharpener (electric or handheld – need a nice sharp point)
    • Electric QuietSharp  DB | AMZ
    • Handheld  EH | DB | AMZ  many other brands work fine
  8. Cotton balls for powder pencil blending
  9. Blending Stump EH | DB | AMZ
  10. Colored Pencils: any brand! Nice happy bright colors.


While these are the colors (Polychromos) used in this class, you can use ANY colors. The joy of storybook scenes is that in a fantasy world, grass can be pink and skies can be purple!

That stuff….

I retain the copyright to the content you are learning in class. That means you cannot sell or give away the concepts from my classes – re-teaching my instruction, or anything contained or created within these lessons, to others. Yes you may gift your creations made with these techniques, of course, this stipulation is about not giving away my ideas taught here.) You may not post a video tutorial of your own showing your redraw of my content. But please DO make your own designs and develop your own style – and rock on! I love to see students making strides and taking this content and personalizing it with your own skills.