Colored Pencil Autumn Scenes Preclass

Welcome to class prep! I’m so glad you’re here. In this free lesson: a simple discussion of supplies!

Colored Pencils and Papers

You can take this class with all kinds of colored pencils…demonstrations are done in Prismacolor, and the approximate color matches for two other brands are below.


The supply list below indicates mandatory items, “choose one” items, and optional.

  • Colored Pencils: Choose one brand, or try the class with another you own. RYB are listed in case you wish to try out a brand.

  • Paper: 
    • Anything you want – but demos will be done on Stonehenge BLICK | AMZ
  • Other supplies:
    • Gamsol BLICK | AMZ  or  other Odorless Mineral Spirits, OR Baby Oil  AMZ
    • Solvent jars if desired AMZ
    • Blending Stumps BLICK | AMZ

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