Clearly Copic: Preclass

This is an advanced class, so if you’re new to Copics, you may wish to take Copic Jumpstart first.


In this pre-class lesson are a few “reminder” type videos – if you’ve taken Jumpstart or are an experienced Copic user, these are likely to be reviews. (Especially since they’re part of the Jumpstart class!)

Marker Basics

I wanted to share the product info with you, but many of you know this already – so I came up with a fun way to entertain you a bit while I chat about marker bodies, etc….if you’d like to color it yourself, see the resources section at the end of the lesson!

Copic Charts

Creating basic color charts may not be the most interesting part of class – but you’ll want to have at least one on-hand for reference as we work. I always keep one of the numerically-oriented charts on hand, as well as my hex chart. If you colored yours ages ago, it’s a good time to make yourself a fresh one; Copic ink fades over time, so making a new chart can be helpful. Besides, it’ll show you if you’ve misplaced a marker or two (ask me how I know!) Links to all these charts are in the Resources section below.

Maintenance: Refilling, Changing Nibs

Got a few streaky markers in your collection? Pre-class is a great opportunity to get them all inked up. Blending works SO much better when there’s plenty of color in your markers. Check your nibs, too, and order in a few extras in case you get a “booger” like I show in the video!

Transferring images

Students may choose to draw the images themselves, or use downloadable line drawings to assist them. Instructions and options for both are in the preclass handout: PDF

Clearly Copic Supplies

If you’ve taken Copic Jumpstart, you may well have all the colors you need; the list is provided here, but you may make substitutes as desired from what is used in the lessons. B04, V04 and a few others are used in a limited fashion. For paper: Neenah Classic Crest Solar White or your favorite Copic-friendly paper!

Housekeeping stuff

You’re encouraged to share your work – however do NOT pass on the instruction handouts or materials to anyone else, as they are proprietary to this class. You may develop other art as jump-off ideas from lessons learned here, but you may not teach a class or produce a video reproducing content in this course, or in any other way make money on the content here.


Please share your art! You can share homework and ask questions in our Student Facebook Group for all classes here at Art-Classes…please do join in and see the work of fellow students! Each month there’s a giveaway hosted in the group, so don’t miss out on your chance to win.

Linking back to this site or mentioning the class name so others can take the class is appreciated – if you enjoyed it, your friends probably will too!

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