Watercolor Jumpstart Preclass

Welcome to the beginning of a wonderful watercolor journey! This class is taught in a sketchbook – and it’s a super-easy one to make, so don’t worry!


In the following video is a discussion of class supplies that will be needed, and some optional items as well. The full supply list with links is at the end of this lesson page as well as in the PDF in the Resources section.

Create your sketchbook (one or the other of these)

This folding method is NOT my design for a sketchbook, but is certainly a dream for a class like this! See the downloadable pdf in the Resources section below if written instructions would help as well.

You may alternatively make one of Pearfleur’s sketchbooks from a 9×12 pad, see her gorgeous video below.

Downloadable supply list

  • Download to take to your local art store (includes directions to fold the sketchbook)

Watercolor Jumpstart Supplies

Important housekeeping stuff

You’re encouraged to share your work – however do NOT pass on the instruction handouts or materials to anyone else, as they are proprietary to this class. You may develop other art as jump-off ideas from lessons learned here, but you may not teach a class or produce a video reproducing content in this course, or in any other way make money on the content here.


Please share your art! You can share homework and ask questions in our Student Facebook Group for all classes here at Art-Classes…please do join in and see the work of fellow students! Each month there’s a giveaway hosted in the group, so don’t miss out on your chance to win.

Linking back to this site or mentioning the class name so others can take the class is appreciated – if you enjoyed it, your friends probably will too!

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