Whimsical Patterns: Preclass

Welcome to class! In the video today I’ll be introducing myself – and talking a little about how class will work, and the supplies you may wish to have on hand.

Please remember – by no means do you need exactly the supplies listed in order to draw! This class is meant to inspire you to just sit down with paper and pen and make art – no pressure, just enjoy the process and try something that might be very new to you!  

How class works

You have instant access to all lessons in class, once your purchase goes through (just click on My Courses in the menu bar.). If you’re not able to complete the lesson or want to take more time to get it done before moving on, do NOT stress about hurrying! Enjoy the intro video below and I’ll meet you afterward to talk more about supplies.

Supplies Video

Watch the video below – and see the text below it, plus the link list below that!

Papers: Demonstrations are done on Fabriano Black Black paper, 8″ x 8″. It’s a nice weight of paper and holds up well. You can use other black papers to draw on too, just make sure it’s something smooth so your pen doesn’t get hung up. You may want to try other colored papers at some point too!

Pens: In the video I showed the types of white pens I’ve tried and used in the demonstrations; however you may have others that you love, or others may come out after this class goes live that would be awesome.

For straight lines, a basic ruler is just fine. You’ll see me use a rolling ruler – that’s not needed but does help in making parallel lines without having to do so much measuring! For circles, get a little compass – lots of stores that carry school supplies have them! The one I use in the class was a few bucks in a local grocery store, believe it or not!