Understanding Color for Kids: Preclass

Welcome to class! I’m Miss Sandy, the teacher – and I’m excited that you’re ready for class!

Miss Sandy, your teacher!

In this Preclass lesson you’ll find the supplies needed to do the projects, as well as a message for parents!

“The Rules”

In art there aren’t really rules. Just cool things to learn and try that will help you make art the way you want to!

  • It’s okay to make mistakes! I learn the MOST from mistakes. I learn what doesn’t work, and sometimes discover something new! It’s about learning, not perfection.
  • Put your own flair in your art! The projects in class are suggestions….you can pick your own colors, use whatever art supplies YOU want to, and draw other things if you would like!
  • Try everything! You don’t need to like everything we do in class. But pay attention and see if you learn something that you didn’t expect.


The list is really simple and you might already have these things at home.

  • The most important thing is a sketchbook! I recommend a “Mixed media” sketchbook since you can use pencils and crayons as well as watercolors and markers. See below for a way to test that your markers and paper will work well together for class.
  • Gather your art mediums, ANY brand. You don’t need all of them and I’m just linking a suggested inexpensive type, but I picked up whatever was at my local drugstore.
  • Pencils, erasers, rulers, scissors, and a sharpie pen. A white pen is optional.
  • For color wheels, you’ll need access to a printer for one of them; for the other color wheels, you’ll gather round objects like a can of catfood or other kitchen items to trace circles.

Test your paper and water-based markers together to be sure you’ll be able to watercolor with them:

Hey parents!

You’re doing a great thing by supporting your child’s artistic adventures. Thank you! If you feel comfortable with your child sharing their art, we have a Student Facebook Group for posting homework projects. Our adult students would love to encourage your child! It’s a moderated group, and your child, if they have a Facebook account, would be safe there. However if you’d prefer, you can send pictures of your child’s work to me by email occasionally and I’ll reply to them. (Submitting homework is not required at all, though.)