Typography for Bible Journalers: Preclass

Welcome to your typography journey! Your instructor is a typography geek – so you’re going to graphic design school with this class! Terminology will be kept minimal – just enough to help learn the difference between a few types of text and their characteristics. Your own handwriting is the MOST important typography tool to bring to class….the lessons will help you tidy it up if that’s your need – or amp it up if you’re already happy with text basics!


In the following video is a discussion of class supplies that will be needed, and some optional items as well. The full supply list with links is at the end of this lesson page as well as in the PDF in the Resources section.


  • Preclass Lesson: PDF

Typography for Bible Journalers Supplies

Below are links to the supplies for this class. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase, this site receives a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your support is much appreciated!

  • Notebooks:
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • If adding the class assignments to your Bible:
    • Journaling Bible
    • Micron pens (with case HERE) (other options HERE)
    • Coloring medium (if desired) (Be sure to test any watercolors before using.)

Housekeeping stuff

You’re encouraged to share your work – however do NOT pass on the instruction handouts or materials to anyone else, as they are proprietary to this class. You may develop other art as jump-off ideas from lessons learned here, but you may not teach a class or produce a video reproducing content in this course, or in any other way make money on the content here.


Share your work in our Student Facebook group! Note that it’s not an all-Christian group, but it’s a safe place to post your art and get feedback. (The Bible Journaling group closed in 2022.)