Timeless Tulips: PreClass

Welcome to your journey tiptoeing through the tulips! (Anyone remember Tiny Tim’s song? It’s a lot stranger than I remember from childhood!) All through preparation of this lesson, I kept humming it though!

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For class you can use whatever paper you normally use for your Copic art; the demonstrations will be done on a single sheet of Neenah Cardstock, sized 8.5″ x 11″; as you learn, I recommend drawing at least at this size before trying to draw small ones (ie on greeting cards) so you can really study the flowers.

If you wish to use your own tulips from your yard or local flower shop, you’ll want to download any photo editing app on your smart device, or use a photo editor online or software on your computer. I use the free version of the Photoshop app on my phone – however practically all photo apps have the ability to adjust the crop and exposure of a photo, and exposure is the feature you need to do what’s shown in this soundless video below. (It may be called any number of things in different apps, but I’ve most often seen it as “exposure”).

Below are the colors used for each of the flowers – feel free to substitute something you have if you can, and if you choose to adapt and color a different color tulip, have fun exploring! I purchase my markers at Ellen Hutson or Blick Art, both are businesses I feel really good about working with.


I retain the copyright to the content you are learning in class. That means you cannot sell or give away the concepts from my classes – no re-teaching of my specific lessons, nor posting a video with your re-draw of the class lesson; especially not sharing any downloadable handouts with others.

You absolutely are encouraged to post and gift your creations made with these techniques, of course! Please DO make your own designs with any techniques you learn here, adapt these lessons, and develop your own style. I love to see students making strides and personalizing lessons! Tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see what you’re making!