Stamped Watercolor Jumpstart Preclass

Welcome to Stamped watercolor Jumsptart class!

This class is a rarity here at Art-Classes….it relies on using stamps! The class requires 6 sets (or equivalent substitutes) to create all the projects in 10 lessons – each set has a number of stamps within it. If you already have sets that are very similar to the ones shown, you can substitute a similar set you have and decide later if you want to purchase stamp to create the same project as shown in the video.

Stamps come and go and get discontinued, but knowing the history of Art Impressions over the years, I trust there will always be new stamps that could be replacements for any used in this class.


Before we start…a little housekeeping

I retain the copyright to the content you are learning in class. That means…

  1. Do not sell or give away the concepts from my classes – you may not re-teach my instruction contained or created within these lessons.
  2. Do not post a video tutorial or step by step photo tutorial of your own redraw of class content.
  3. Do not repost any handouts you receive in class.

However…I love to see students making strides and taking this teaching and personalizing it with your own skills.

  1. DO make your own designs and develop your own style! I love that!
  2. DO gift your creations made with these techniques, of course!

At the bottom of each lesson you’ll see some ways to share your homework and ask questions, so that’ll be handy for you.


This section has two videos, one showing the stamps, paper, brush, and blocks, and the second discusses markers.  


The markers used in this and other Stamped Watercolor classes on this site are the set of 20 Tombow markers shown on the conversion chart. However you can use other brands if desired! Know that results may be different – however, every time the same stamp and markers are used, they STILL come out completely different, so that’s very normal! 🙂


Water Soluble Marker Conversion Chart

You can download the chart below or if you would like it to be in your account downloads list, you can “purchase” the free chart HERE, and it’ll be handy for you with your other color chart downloads.



Links for Art Impressions are below each stamp set. If you already have similar ones you don’t need these.

Other supplies

Remember that you can choose other supplies than these – other brushes or papers may work, but will garner different results. You don’t need cold press AND Canson, most stampsers using this technique have better success early with the cheaper Canson. The pocket pages are included in case you’d like to swatch your own colors.




Set of 20 Tombows (no longer available)

A quick word about storage

If you’re new to cling stamps, you might need an idea of what to do with them! I store mine in DVD cases – and yes, I have a ton of them! I do “break up” sets – I put the flowers with flowers, containers with containers, etc. I save the slip-sheets in the packaging so I can figure out what set that a stamp came from. I stamp each image that belongs in the case onto a slipsheet to put in the cover so I know what each looks like:

Quick links to share your work wherever you like:

Artventure Community

An active art community run by Sandy – and you’ll be right in her pocket for quick feedback and answers to questions! Free to join.

Student Facebook Group

Our closed group is a safe place to share for those in all our classes who love the ‘book! Activity isn’t as high there, since most moved to Artventure.

Social media & blogs

Post wherever you like to share, and let your friends know which class you’re taking. They might like it too!