Seeing the Scriptures: Preclass

Welcome to pre-class!

I’m Sandy Allnock, instructor for this class. I’d like to share a little about me and my journey with you! This video below is also on my Bible Journaling channel (subscribe to that channel for tutorials on a variety of techniques and verses – not on pages in this class)….if you can’t see the video below, click HERE to see it on YouTube.

More about class

A little about what’s to come for students in Seeing the Scriptures class – very little supplies are needed, and experience as an artist or student of the Bible are not required!

If you do your homework as I hope you will, you’ll need whatever your favorite tools and mediums are. There are no tutorials in this class for specific pages – the way it’s formatted:

  • the first lesson explains the process I use to generate idea and walks through that on a few verses.
  • each lesson ends with the assignment verse for the next lesson – you’re encouraged to at least finish making notes and brainstorming, even if you don’t take the time to create a Bible journaling page.
  • each lesson then begins with a great worship video themed to elevate the verse…
  • and then an explanation of my process thinking through the verse, and THREE samples of art! Just to prove there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Journaling Bible Buyers Guide

A Bible is a very personal purchase; I’ve bought enough of them now that I know a few things that probably apply to most all:

  • Most are on a very similar cream paper. While many list “heavy cream paper” – I don’t notice any difference in paper weight of any of these shown.
  • None are more resistant to bleed through than any other, none work better/worse with different mediums; Dollar Store and hotel Bibles are often printed on newsprint, so watch it if you get one really cheap.
  • Download a chart comparing these Bibles “by the numbers.” Journaling Bible Buyers Guide

Most important decisions to make

  • Which translation? Get your favorite, OR get one you don’t have to aid you in your studies.
  • Hard or soft cover, designed or plain? Many options are available once you get into an online shop, so click around.
  • One or two column? A single column allows art to be directly beside the art, but shorter columns are easier to read.
  • Regular or large print? Regular is usuall 7 or 7.5 point type; large is usually 9 point.
  • Note that many new Bibles are released all the time – check for your favorite translation, cover design, etc.

My favorites

My ranking below is based on my own personal usage – my go-to Bibles that I reach for, and they’re listed below in my ranking – first for Journaling Bibles, second for Specialty Bibles with preprinted art to color. The first is my Bible that I have carried to church and Bible studies with me for years, but it’s only available in limited locations now; however the CONTENTS of the Bible are almost identical as in the “Journal the Word” Bible, which is listed as #2. Journal the Word is also MUCH more cost effective, since it doesn’t have the swanky cover.

Where to buy

I highly recommend supporting Christian vendors or at least small businesses;  while Amazon may give you a dollar or three off, it’s incredibly important to support our small businesses who provide us with shopping options. Links on this site are affiliate links, which means if you click on one of my links then I may receive a small commission on the sale, at no cost to you, which supports my work and ministry.

  • – seems to be the widest variety of Bibles
  • Dayspring – a fair selection of Bibles, they often have really amazing sales
  • Amazon – can sometimes be competitive in price by a few dollars, selection is scattered

A peek inside

The selection below is of the Bibles I own and use most, by order of most- to least- used.

Specialty Bibles (preprinted art for coloring)



My most often used supplies:


Share your work in our Student Facebook group! Note that it’s not an all-Christian group, but it’s a safe place to post your art and get feedback. (The Bible Journaling group closed in 2022.)