Scripture Gifts – Preclass

Welcome to preclass! Here’s where the discussion of supplies will be, so you can decide if you’d like to take this class and which projects you’d like to complete. (You will be able to watch even those you might not be interested in creating.)

Important note about all the “kraft” paper

Supplies are listed per-project, to help you decide what you want to make right away. Note that throughout this class, the kraft color is used—partly to make the projects look pretty in the class picture! You needn’t focus your projects on that color, but the cardstock I use is called Desert Storm and you can get it in a 25-sheet pack HERE. (A ream is expensive but a few sheets is doable!)

The readymade envelopes for the projects, as well as the envelope book, all came in a kraft color, and that’s what will be linked in the supplies below. You might be able to do some googling to see if those are available in other colors, or use the sizes provided and cut cardstock yourself to that size. (Envelope templates are NOT available, though.)

Ok let’s go!

Envelope book

I purchased my envelope books on Amazon as a 6pack, a bit cheaper than those linked here; but when putting this page together, it now has a note that they’re out at Amazon. Phoo! But you can get the book in white as well on the company’s website, linked below.

Envelope books – kraft or white

Any patterned paper desired

Cardstock – 3 sheets per book.

Adhesive tape runner (any kind)

Paper trimmer (any kind)

Circle punches or dies (optional)

In Christ book

Jewelry cards, 200pc

Paper trimmer (any kind)

Be Creative tape 1″ or 1/2″


Inks and stencils if desired

Brown bags, 200ct

The “jewelry cards” listed below are sized perfectly for the downloadable template, and are of a weight that works well for a book like this. But you can also trim some heavy cardstock to do the same job – or perhaps cut watercolor paper to the right size! The vellum is highly recommended; I use it for Bible journaling vellum inserts too and it’s great stuff.

Mini Accordion Books

These are printed on regular computer paper. Covers can be made from the jewelry cards from another project or use any kind of chipboard or heavy cover. Envelopes are cute but not required, of course – just tie them up with a ribbon!

Jewelry cards

Patterned papers as desired

Adhesive tape runner (any kind)

Paper trimmer (any kind)

Mini Envelopes

Accordion Books

Cardstock – 3 sheets per book.

Adhesive tape runner (any kind)

Paper trimmer (any kind)

Patterned papers as desired

Large square envelopes

Because God Tag Books

Brads and rings can be found at your local office supply store; when getting rings, this split kind shown will be easiest. Brads should be long enough to hold a bunch of tags.

Tags, 2″ x 4″ (200pc) w/twine

Paper trimmer (any kind)

Adhesive tape runner (any kind)

Long brads, rings



I retain the copyright to all the content you are learning in class. That means you cannot sell or give away the art from my site, the instruction, templates, or anything contained or created within these lessons, to others. You may not post a video tutorial of your own showing your redraw of my content.

But please DO make your own designs and develop your own style – then rock on! I love to see students making strides and taking this content and personalizing it with your own skills. If you would like to use ideas like this for a project in your church’s women’s ministry, please contact me.


Share your work in our Student Facebook group! Note that it’s not an all-Christian group, but it’s a safe place to post your art and get feedback. (The Bible Journaling group closed in 2022.)