Realistic Flowers (Pencil): Preclass

If you’ve taken Copic Jumpstart, you likely have all the supplies you need for this class!

  • Colored Pencils: demonstrations will be in Polychromos but I’ve come up with Prismacolor conversions below
  • Paper: I recommend Stonehenge – it’s got a very nice tooth but not too much.
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Your favorite Pencil Sharpener. Some of my favorites:
    • Quietsharp (electric)
    • AFMAT (long points, hand crank)
    • Dahle chubby (just discovered in spring 2022…it’s that cute little thing with the round blue top! It’s only about $4 at Blick but $13 on Amazon, so you do you.)
  • Printer so you can print out the images (they’ll be downloadable in each lesson). You can always take the paper to a copy shop and have them photocopied onto your drawing paper, too.