One Fish, Two Fish: Preclass

In this pre-class lesson, a little discussion of supplies needed for class:


  1. If you own another brand, by all means try the techniques with paints you have. Results may be different but also could work well!
  2. The instructor uses Daniel Smith watercolors, which will be linked and listed below. You can use any hues – though a red, yellow, blue combination is recommended for the first painting, and analagous colors for the second.
  3. It’s STRONGLY recommended to pick up the Silver Brush/Black Velvet #12 and #8 round brush. The flat DaVinci Cosmo Spintop is a great brush, but you can try another wide flat brush that you might already have.

Supplies used by instructor:

Note that colors can easily be swapped out for hues of your choice. The palette used by the instructor is listed here but use whatever you have! Her 2019 palette is on her blog HERE.

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