My Virtual Studio: Creativity: Taking inspiration and running with it

While my studio tour was shot just before Christmas cards will begin to arrive (and I cleared them to prepare!), my shelves are typically full of inspiration from other people – I love getting cards in the mail! Who doesn’t?

I do display the cards I get, and change them out with the change of each season. They can be super inspiring, and when I get one, I look at it carefully to note what medium they used, how they applied it, did they use a cool technique, what colors did they use, what design elements create the focal point. Now don’t go worrying that I’m analyzing the cards you send; I’m not doing it as a critique! I’m learning.

I look at ads the same way. Book covers. Magazine spreads. Art shared on social media. I challenge myself not to replicate what I see, but to analyze what it is that I like – and focus on that. It helps me get the original project or inspiration out of my mind, and just moving into creating my own piece.

That’s what I encourage YOU to do. Instead of just attempting to replicate (which is certainly fine when learning!)….see how you can make it your own.

I hear from lots of artists and crafters that they just don’t know how to make it their own. They don’t know what “their own” even is. I get that! I spent a long time trying to figure out who I am as an artist, and it’s a daily journey. But to find yourself, you need to try letting go of the training wheels and fly. Not all the time – tell your self you can keep that piece secret. But stray from your inspiration piece. Change something about it. Just keep the one thing you liked – colors, layout, brushstroke, lighting, whatever that was.

To help you see how I think through inspiration and take just part of it, I’ve added a few videos with a little bit about how I got there – where the idea was in my brain before jumping into the project. Hope that helps!


“Wow look at the impact of a silhouette with a stunning background!” The painting I saw by an Indian artist on Facebook had a silhouetted figure; I don’t tend to buy silhouette stasmps since I’m a colorist, so I adapted an outline stamp and made it a silhouette, and loved the card:

“Oh look, there’s a color combo I had never thought of! Going to try that.” I saw an ad with pink, teal, and yellow together and I suddenly realized it was a primary combination, just adapted! That inspired this video, even though my card is nothing like what that ad was like.

In this project, I was inspired by a stamp set instead of a card – it made me decide to try making my own castle as a large piece instead of only a card in watercolor pencil.

I’ve taken classes from the amazing Jean Haines, but I don’t often use her techniques to create something on my own. So this was a challenge to myself to use what I learned from a class from her:

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