Underwater Watercolor: Preclass

Welcome to the Watercolor version of Underwater Scenes! This preclass lesson discusses supplies; if you’ve taken the Watercolor Jumpstart class, you likely have enough to use for this course.

A quick little video with the supplies….links are below at the end of this lesson.

Extra videos

I’ve posted these on YouTube and they might be of help; the first is about my palette, and you can see my colors swatched out…

… the other is about how I created the swatches in the pocket pages.


The colors listed aren’t required; you can use others, most certainly. Just have something comparable in the blues range – a middle range blue, something light in the blue or teal family, and a deep blue; a dark neutral like the Paynes Blue Gray – like a neutral tint or black, etc. The yellow ochre is for sand, but you can substitute a different brown; the green, rose, and yellow can be any hue you desire.

Supply list:


Please feel free to share your attempts at each project in our Student Facebook Group; each month prizes are awarded to randomly selected students who upload!

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