Simply Christmas: Preclass

In this intermediate watercolor class, the concept of drybrush will be used extensively. Much practice will be needed to master the amount of pigment and water to pair with the brush you are using to create an artistic drybrush line.

Important notes:

As simple as these images are, they are not simple. Creating drybrush strokes takes practice at trying to get the pigment right, to get the motion correct for the kind of line you want. These images also need a larger brush. Demonstrations in this class are done with a #12 round for large areas and #8 round for small details. If you don’t have a #12, you likely will really struggle trying to make multiple strokes with a smaller brush that are intended for a larger brush.


You can use the watercolor supplies you have, but know you may need to adapt a technique from time to time, especially brush sizes. The paints listed are all used but some just a little; I suggest the colors with asterisks (*) mostly, but you can use the greens you already have, too.