Copic Storybook Scenes: PreClass

Welcome to the preclass lesson for this fun intermediate class! There are so many fun card scenes ahead of you – even while making the drawings, stamp ideas came to mind that would be perfect!

Copic Markers

The color selection for this particular class is VERY flexible, unlike most classes on this site! With Storybook style coloring, the colors can be CRAZY – purple skies, yellow clouds, pink grass. As time passes on, card ideas will be added to these lessons to provide some ideas for crazy ways to change things up – if you would rather not come back here to see them (though you can review this class as many times as you like!), then follow your instructor on Instagram or Facebook where she shares her work!

Recently your instructor attempted something novel: she didn’t refill her markers for a few months, forcing herself not to rely on only her go-to colors. That means there are a few colors on this list that you may have not seen much lately on her YouTube videos or in recommendations in classes. New colors are a good thing! But you don’t need the new colors necessarily, but could add them to your collection later and find a substitute for now. Out of the colors shown here (links below), the few that are strongly recommended:

  • YG03 and YG17 are a beautiful green grass combo used throughout these lessons.
  • BG99 and BG96 can be replaced by the YG99 and YG97 easily.
  • Colorless blender. Because….dots!
  • A selection of rainbow colors. Because you’ll make an actual rainbow!
  • Y17 is just the best color in all of Copic-land. (yes it’s the instructor’s fave color!)


You can use whatever paper you normally do – the samples in class are on Neenah Solar White. If you use another paper, techniques may need to be adapted, but you likely know that!

Cardmaker ideas

There’s no cardmaking instruction in this class; it’ll be up to you to stamp a sentiment in the empty space on the card and add it to a card base. Once you master these techniques though, be sure to try the “no-line technique” with these; that’s stamping in a light color of ink (most dye inks will work, just let them dry well), or use the Ink On 3 No Line ink made just for the technique!

Supply links