Galactic Watercolor: Preclass

Welcome to the preclass lesson – all about supplies plus a little technique tip! Watch the video, and then see the supply list below that.


For the demos, a full sheet of Arches Rough watercolor paper was folded down and torn to create 5-1/2″ x 7-1/2″ paintings (5″ x 7″ plus the white border). Another brand I love is Saunders Waterford. You don’t need all of these, I’m just providing options.

Watercolor paints

Use the colors you have! I’ll list the colors used in each lesson but you can change them up all you wish. The colors in the palette used in this class are below – the ones with * are colors used in a demo.

These are the dark colors used for the background sky in the lessons – you do NOT need them all! And if you have a dark blue or black you love – just use that!


You need not get fancy brushes for these – but you’ll want one that’s large enough and soft enough that it will both hold a lot of pigment and water, and release a lot of pigment and water! We’ll be painting the background washes quickly, and a small brush that barely puts out color will mean you’ll be making 30 strokes when you just need to do one large one. Note that the Silver brush is listed as a 12 because a 10 doesn’t put out as much fluid as does a sable 10.

  • Synthetics, less expensive:
    • Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #12:  BLICK | AMZ
    • Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #4: BLICK | AMZ 
  • Sables, more expensive:
    • Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky Sable Brush – Round 10 BLICK
    • Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky Sable Brush – Round 4 BLICK
  • Old cheap brushes for masking fluid

Other materials

  • White for stars (choose one); the grounds are used in class:
    • Daniel Smith Titanium White Watercolor Grounds BLICK | AMZ
    • Liquitex Acrylic Ink, White BLICK | AMZ
    • Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleedproof White  BLICK | AMZ
    • Old toothbrush
    • Liquid dish soap
    • Separate water for rinsing white ink/paint
  • Mounting:
  • Masking Fluid supplies:
    • Grumbacher Misket Liquid Frisket BLICK | AMZ  
    • Rubber Cement Pickup BLICK | AMZ
  • Misc
    • Compass or round objects to trace
    • Pencil
    • Baby Wipes
    • Paper Towels

Pigment consistency

As a review – this is from Watercolor Jumpstart Lesson 3….it may help to go review that lesson if you’ve taken the course.

The housekeeping stuff:

I retain the copyright to the content you are learning in class. That means you cannot sell or give away the concepts from my classes – no re-teaching of my specific lessons, nor posting a video with your re-draw of the class lesson; especially not sharing any downloadable handouts with others.

You absolutely are encouraged to post and gift your creations made with these techniques, of course! Please DO make your own designs with any techniques you learn here, adapt these lessons, and develop your own style. I love to see students making strides and personalizing lessons! Tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see what you’re making!

Please share your art! You can share homework and ask questions in our Student Facebook Group for all classes here at Art-Classes…please do join in and see the work of fellow students! Each month there’s a giveaway hosted in the group, so don’t miss out on your chance to win.

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