Imaginary Creatures: Preclass

The supplies for this class are really minimal! Markers. Paper. A black, alcohol-marker-safe pen, and a white gel pen. Hex charts only if you’re one of those who wants to diverge from the colors picked out for you and find your own!

Before we start…a little housekeeping

I retain the copyright to the content you are learning in class. That means…

  1. Do not sell or give away the concepts from my classes – you may not re-teach my instruction contained or created within these lessons.
  2. Do not post a video tutorial or step by step photo tutorial of your own redraw of class content.
  3. Do not repost any handouts you receive in class.

However…I love to see students making strides and taking this teaching and personalizing it with your own skills.

  1. DO make your own designs and develop your own style! I love that!
  2. DO gift your creations made with these techniques, of course!

At the bottom of each lesson you’ll see some ways to share your homework and ask questions, so that’ll be handy for you.

Colors used in this course

Feel free to change it up from these if desired – these are whimsical fun images and can easily have colors swapped out!


O1.3, Y2.3, Y1.1 YG1.2, YG1.4, YG1.6, B0.7, B2.4, B2.0, BG2.1, BG2.4, BG2.7, BV1.7, BV1.4, BV1.1, V0.3, V2.4, ZERO, RV1.5, RV1.3, RV1.1, R0.3, R0.5, R1.7


YR04, Y06, Y11, YG01, YG13 ,YG17, B26, B02, B000, BG10, BG23, BG18, FV2, BV11, BV000, RV55, V04, 0, RV09, RV04, RV00, R32, R17, R39




Adapting colors

As seen in the video later on this page – if your colors don’t have “exact” matches and you’d like to create something that will more easily approximate the results in the demonstration….the colors shown here are the adaptations made in Copic from the Olo renditions. You can certainly substitute another marker entirely – a dark bluish purpley color might be a B79. If you need help figuring out what colors, pop over to Artventure or send a DM or an email, I’m happy to help!



Hopefully you already have all you need, right?

Markers & hex charts

The demos are done in Olo markers, but any brand is great. As are any colors! But see the color swatches below to find out what’s used in the demonstrations. Hex charts are NOT needed. But beloved.

  1. Olo Markers (use coupon code “sandy” – it may populate automatically for you)
  2. Olo Hex Chart
  3. Copic Markers 
  4. Copic Hex Chart 


There’s nothing magical about my recommendation – use wht you love best! (Note if you use sketchbook paper you’ll need to tear out paper to print it.) Demos will be done on Neenah.

  1. Neenah Cardstock, Solar White 250pk 
  2. Olo Marker Sketchbooks
  3. Copic sketchbook 
  4. Xpressit


You’ll need a white gel pen and a black pen – preferably an alcohol-marker safe pen. (ie one that doesn’t bleed when coloring on top of it.) If you ONLY color under it and save the pen for last, you can use any black pen. 

  1. Copic Multiliner
  2. Copic Multiliner SP (refillable)


You’ll need to print onto the paper above – if your printer is busted like mine is, you can take the file on a jump drive to a FedEx or other copy shop and ask them to print it on your alcohol-marker-friendly paper for you. A normal photocopier is almost always safe to color on without bleeding.

About color…

The colors for this course were discussed in the following YouTube video:

Quick links to share your work wherever you like:

Artventure Community

Artventure is an active art community of thousands of artists that I run on Mighty Networks via an app or the web. You’ll be right in my pocket for quick feedback and answers to questions and bonus zoom calls! Free to join.

Social media & blogs

Post wherever you like to share, and tag @sandyallnock – I love to see your work!  Posting lets your friends know which class you’re taking. They might enjoy learning as well!