Drawing 101: Preclass

Welcome to the prep session for drawing class!


A little about the beginning drawing classes here

This is a “classical” style of drawing class, and for some – it works great. Perspective, shading, art school kinds of exercises. There are some other drawing classes here that you may also like either before this one or after:

  1. Whimsical Sketching – fun light sketching with a pen, drawing birds, fish, birthday gifts…no perspective drills involved.
  2. 30 Days to More Confident Sketching – drawing prompts each day for 30 days, with some teaching on the foundations in Drawing 101 but in a less artschool kind of way.

Before we start…a little housekeeping

I retain the copyright to the content you are learning in class. That means…

  1. Do not sell or give away the concepts from my classes – you may not re-teach my instruction contained or created within these lessons.
  2. Do not post a video tutorial or step by step photo tutorial of your own redraw of class content.
  3. Do not repost any handouts you receive in class.

However…I love to see students making strides and taking this teaching and personalizing it with your own skills.

  1. DO make your own designs and develop your own style! I love that!
  2. DO gift your creations made with these techniques, of course!

At the bottom of each lesson you’ll see some ways to share your homework and ask questions, so that’ll be handy for you.


This intermediate course needs pencils and sketchbooks – a number 2 will do, but see the video for more on why you may wish to try a selection of pencils. Two sketchbooks – both pretty inexpensive – and you’ll be ready to roll. There are some optional items included in the video as well. 


Optional Tools

Not required for class but fun:

Join Paint-my-photo

Please go set up a free account at PMP, and read the TOU. Note that some videos in this class refer to using PMP’s discussion board for this class, but that turned out cumbersome. See the footer on each lesson page for options to upload homework and engage with other students.


Quick links to share your work wherever you like:

Artventure Community

Where you’ll be right in Sandy’s pocket for quick feedback and answers to questions

Student Facebook Group

Our closed group is a safe place to share for those in all our classes who love the ‘book!

Social media & blogs

Post wherever you like to share, and let your friends know which class you’re taking. They might like it too!