Human Rainbow I: PreClass

Welcome to pre-class!

This intermediate course needs markers and paper – no other supplies! If it’s been a while since you colored with your Copics, you may wish to review the Copic Jumpstart course content – including the introductory videos in the PreClass lesson in that curriculum. You may wish to refill markers and change out ragged nibs before getting started on this course!


You may use whatever paper you normally choose for your Copic coloring. In the class, Neenah Solar White (ream, or 25-pack) is used. On slick papers, or really thick papers, some of the techniques may turn out differently due to the way those papers blend.


A black pen for creating fabric texture may be desired; if the pen work is added *after* coloring, then any black pen works. If coloring on top of the texture is desired, use a Copic Multiliner so the pen doesn’t bleed.

White pen can create lacy patterns and we’ll be trying that in a couple lessons; a white gel pen (whatever brand works for you) or Sharpie White (water based) will work just fine.

Hex Chart

The Copic Hex Chart was designed by the instructor of this class. It’s a helpful tool in finding appropriate color substitutions for ones shown in classes here on this website; for the $5.99 purchase, you receive blank pdfs to print and color with your own markers so you know what you have; and also a colored version to know what you’re missing. Note that most printers aren’t going to print the color version accurately, but it’s close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades, right?  To purchase the chart, CLICK HERE.

Note: the chart has not changed since it was released in 2015.


Copic markers are used in class, however students have taken Copic courses using other brands, and have found classes worthwhile.

The skin and hair colors listed in this first section are the ones used in the lessons – however, if you have a color that’s close, you may well be just fine. You can always order a marker you see employed later, or substitute something else by selecting from the Hex Chart. Links are to Ellen Hutson’s site, where markers are always on sale. These are also affiliate links, which support the work of this website – at no extra cost to you.

For the fabrics, you can choose *any* colors you want to use – just because a green scarf is shown doesn’t mean you need to use greens. Here are some suggested color combinations – and scroll on down for the list of colors that will be used in video lessons.

These are colors used in videos for things like fabrics – feel free to use similar hues – or totally adapt to colors you have in your collection!