Convincing Shadows Preclass

Welcome to the preclass lesson! Hopefully this class will help take your art to new levels by giving you tips to create powerful shadows that convince the eye they’re seeing dimension!

In this video see the limited supplies (list below).


You can use any paper for a class like this, but if you’d like, get a sketchbook – I grabbed paper from a Bee sketchbook (very affordable) and trimmed it to fit my printer (handouts are US Letter size) and printed it on that. A drawing paper will generally allow you to get richer color more easily, and pencil will blend more easily than on computer paper.


A number 2 pencil can work! However – with limited supplies you might find it fun to pick up a pack of drawing pencils, They come in a range of pigmentation; the lower the number the harder the lead; the higher the number the softer and richer the lead. The pencil used in this class is a 4B Grafwood by Caran d’Ache. Here’s a “tiny tutorial” shared on Instagram by your instructor:


If you’ve not done much drawing before – a soft eraser is an inexpensive must-have! The kneaded eraser shown is one I’ve had for years; just stretch it and knead it and it “self cleans!”

Also – if you choose to draw the pictures shown instead of printing the handout, you’re welcome to do that. And if you want to also find rubber stamps in your collection that have the same features shown in the lessons, feel free to stamp them and shade them too!